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Can i please have some vibes for my papa?

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I think you've heard this one before, as he gets in and out of hospital as he get older. We celebrated his 88th by having the whole family come up to our new house in June. My uncle called up about 7 hours ago to say that my cousin saw two ambulances outside my nanas house, and that papas gone to hospital. We have not had any other details since then. He has had heart problems, and alot of health scares. He has managed to outlive most of his friends from Hungary who immigrated here, and his siblings. My father has been telling me for years to prepare myself for the worst, and each year passes, everything is ok. I'm not freaking out, i'm so used to hearing he's been in hospital that nothing will hit me until i actually hear that he has passed on.

Anyway. Can you all please send major health vibes for him? Thanks
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Oh of course, sweetheart, sending waves of wellness vibes to your papa... will you be able to go visit him?
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How scary! Hope the news is good when it comes

positive vibes coming his way and for you.
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Hope everything's okay
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Any word on him today, hon? Still vibing!
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Apparently when my nana went away to visit my uncle for 5 days, papa was looked after in a respite as he can't be trusted to remember to take his meds, and needs someone there in case he has a bad turn. They said he's picked up an infection from the respite! As far as i know it's not a cold/flu, but something else that is serious (my dad told me but i've forgotten) For those who don't know, the nursing homes in Australia aren't all good, and on the news a 5th in Victoria has just been closed down. So they were trying to stabilise him and have him on meds last night. That's all i know. It's only 8:30am now so we're yet to hear how he's doing.

Thank you all for your messages

Carol *hugs* I've never been to this hospital before, and since moving houses we're alot further out than before. There really is nothing much we can do at the moment especially without a car. But nana was here only a few days ago pottering about in our garden and such. She did say his health wasn't getting any better. We just keep calling, and waiting for calls to see what is happening.
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Prayers for him.
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Many & for you & your papa.
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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
Many & for you & your papa.
sending my & as well.
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****thinking of your Papa******
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Many vibes for your Papa
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So sorry to hear the news about your papa. Sending him loads of healing vibes and a gentle {{{hug}}} for you, sweetie.
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No one's telling me anything. I just got home from Tristans for the weekend and it's been the same thing, nana hasn't called in a couple of days and all she will say (or all my parents are telling me) is that he is still in hospital. Nothing about his condition, if he's better or worse, what's happening.

I'm starting to get very angry. I told my father that if anything bad happened i want to know, not be left in the dark to spare my feelings.
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Sweetie, can you call the hospital and ask them yourself? After all, you are a relative. At least that's how the hospitals around here operate; if you're related they'll give you info. Of course, how they can tell you're related over the phone is beyond me.
I'd also let my Dad know that I want to be told everything, bad or good; you're entitled.
Sending healing vibes to your papa
and a big hug to you.
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They didn't say he picked up a "staph infection," did they?

for a good outcome. Some of these old folks will surprise you. We expected to lose Dottie's dad for a long time, and he lived to be over 90.
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Honey, I just saw this thread. Many, many and prayer for your dad and for you! I hope you get some news soon, but no news is good news. I agree to call the hospital yourself to try to find out what is going on. Keep us posted.
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Here are some more vibes for you hon that papa comes home soon.
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