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What are your kitty's favorite toys?

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Venus' favorite bee toy is so mutilated!! i just got her a replacement. Just for fun, i thought i would take a pix of the new and old bee, comparing them side by side (the bee is actually a pom pom soft toy, very light in weight.)

She loves the old bee! She likes playing "fetch" with it - meaning she would run to me with a bee in her mouth, land it in front of me till i throw it. She would quickly run to retrieve the bee, running back with it in her mouth. She likes playing fetch several times a day. (i tell you, Venus is so intelligent!)

Daisy loves the slithering snake the most.

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His laser light!
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Sherral, i often wondered about the laser light cat toys ... is it totally safe for kitties?

i want to get one, but am so afraid it would hurt my kitties' eyes are something?

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Cat Nip Mice !!!!! Sam
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Yes a laser light will hurt their eyes that is why you never shine it in their eyes,I never have or will,just make sure you do not let young kids play with it.They do not know that.And your cat's will love it,at night turn off the lights and shine it on the floor and when they see it slowely run it up the wall and watch then jump to get it!It is funny and they love it! Grayski even knows what it is when I pick it up,his eyes light up and he start;s looking for it before I turn it on! Get one and have fun!It works better at night when the lights are off.
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Wow.. sounds neat!! Okay, i scout for one the next week when i go for the cat show. Surely ONE vendor has got a laser light toy? Thanks, Sherrral!

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I got mine on e-bay,I heard Office MAX has them.
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Wow, it certainly looks like Venus enjoyed that Bee!

My kitties love the laser pointer, too. Blondie plays fetch with those plastic balls with jingle bells inside, he brings them to us to throw for him and then fetches them back. He also loves the top from milk containers. They also love the feather and bells on a stick toy from Petsmart!
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Pleazzzzzzzzz, anybody, everybody... feel free to post your favorite kitty pix.. i am always scouting for new furbaby toys.

Thanks for sharing, all!!

Cheers to you!
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Spike's favorite toy changes periodically. Lately it's been his fishing pole with the feather on the end of it and milkrings.

Oh, GurlPower... I don't know if you have one in your area or not, but you might want to look in Fry's for a laser pointer. My friend bought one for me there that takes AAA batteries instead of watch batteries, and it saves me a ton of money because of it.
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Awww Yes I must agree with Jenn , Milkrings are a big fave in this household , Every few months when we clean under the fridge there is countless milk top rings ! - Sam-
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Milkrings? Wow, that was the first. Very interesting. See, i learn something new everyday.

Yes, a laser pointer is definitely on my kitty list.

My babies get thrills from plastic bags and empty boxes as well.

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laser toy is the all time favorite, they both know the sound too and start looking before turning it on!

other favorite is plastic straws or anything that hides and pops out from under the covers!
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Minnie Mouse. When we brought Socks home from her farm, we had a Minnie stuffed animal on the floor. She just started sleeping next to it, and when she was big enough, she started carrying it around. If it gets lost, she screams and screams until somebody finds it! She's woken us up many a morning at three AM because Minnie's gone missing! Minnie usually turns up under the china cabinet or in the basement. After nine years of this silly hide and seek game, Minnie has a few wounds, and has been sewn up countless times.

Last year, when we went up to the cottage, we forgot to take Minnie with us. We had to have a neighbour come into the house and courier it to us because the cat missed it so much.

My grandad (a retired vet) thinks that Socks is attached to Minnie so much because she was taken away from her mom and brothers and sisters too early. (But please don't yell at me for taking her -- they were all mauled by a rottweiler two days later and didn't survive. I knew I had to get my kitty out of there, and I consider it a miracle that I did.)
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AWWWWWWWW Please be careful with plastic bags , They can suffacate and they can chew the plastic and it can get stuck in their gut
Sorry to post but PLEASE be very careful

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I guess some of the usuall: Fur mouseys
fur mouseys with catnip
straws (but only if pick out of trash
Feathers on a stick
tiny little stuffies of peguin+monkey
foil balls again w/having to pick themsel
rocks from fountain
And anything else that can/WILL make noise in the middle of night, to scary us!!!!!!!
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Furry mice--Faile will play for a long time with them, she picks them up, flips them over her head.
the feather wand
milk jug rings

Faile loves to chase after some soft balls I got at the pet store. They usually end up at the bottom of the stairs. She will sit there and wait for one of us to throw them, then she will run up the stairs after them. She also loves rubber bands, but I won't let her have them.

Molly likes toys with catnip best. She also loves paper bags and boxes.
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Sam, thanks for warning about chewing on plastics.. that was really sweet of you.

Don't worry.. Venus and Daisy do not chew on plastics.. they like to step on the plastic bag, and step on it ALOT.. !! Quite amusing!

Here is a pix of Daisy with an Ikea plastic bag and one of her favored toys, she was getting ready to stomp, stomp! !


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Awwwwwwww Thanks For Sharing .. Daisy is gorgeous and I'm glad to hear that like to step and not cchew .. Thanks
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