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Took my first algebra test.

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We had our first exam in my Algebra 1 class. I passed with a 96%! I was very pleased with managing an "A" on my first math test.

Things will get more difficult from here on out. Tonight we got into solving problems using the order of operations for problems with multiple steps. Right now I'm about 80% sure of myself with them. The class next Monday will throw exponents into the mix. The week after next we get into some graphing, which looks difficult to me but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

Now for rant. Sociology. I enjoy the class because there is a lot of back and forth between us and the professor. It's actually a fun class. The downside is that we were supposed to have a posted on Blackboard for us to take at home. The deadline is Thursday night. I'd love to take the test (as would the rest of the class judging from the email responses I've been getting) but there's one problem- it hasn't been made available to us!. Makes it hard to take the test. She was at the school today, I didn't get a chance to catch her before I left but she hasn't replied to any emails about it. A little communication would be nice.
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stick with it bro. Math is on of those things you have to keep doing to learn it. do the homework then re do it ,

hehe you can forget it again, once you get finished with it.
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Good job What algebra book are you using if you don't mind me asking?

Some of my college math books came with cd's attached to them where you could use the programs online- I found those helped me a LOT! I am excellent in science and english - anything of that nature, but i've always struggled with math....those disks really helped me learn the material better.
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I'm taking Basic Algebra 1. The book is called Prealgebra 2nd Edition (Yoshiwara/Yoshiwara). The downside is that it only has answers to the odd problems (which are what we do for homework) in the back of the book. I check my answers after completing every assignment but I wish it had all of the answers so I could do the even numbered problems for practice before the tests.

There is a solutions manual available for it, too. Some manual, it only has the odd problems.

I'll have the results of my first World History 1 exam nexy Monday. I aced our quiz from the week before on Mesopotamia. We have a quiz next Monday on Persia (the first empire) and some other things we went over about history in general.
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there are some great resourses I know about for math so if you ever get stuck you can check them out.

Registration on all three sites is free and the first one will probably get you the fastest response. The other are great if you have time to wait for a responce to your thread as they are forums and it takes awhile for people to post. Though with Algebra you might get a faster responce then I do with my advanced proof courses.

Lastly I would be more than happy to help you in Algebra, as my user name suggests I am rather good at algebra. And don't worry about graphing once you get used to the equations you use and what they mean its rather easy.
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Thanks, algebrapro!

I haven't looked at the sites yet. Do they have sections that contain equations I can solve for practice? I'll go check them out.
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No unfortunately they don't and I don't know any sites that do. I guess you can find some if you look hard enough. What you might want to do is try to answer peoples questions for practice.
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Congrats, Bryan!! I got a 19/20 on my last calculus quiz and think I did pretty well on my test last night
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Congrats, Bryan!! I got a 19/20 on my last calculus quiz and think I did pretty well on my test last night
Thanks, Katie! Well done on your calculus test.

I just completed my Sociology test. It was done using Blackboard. Fifty minutes to answer fifty questions (each correct answer was worth two points). I missed six that I had to guess on and ended up with a score of 88. Not too bad, I wanted to get an "A" on it, though.

Edited to add: Interesting observation. I checked my Soc class on Blackboard to see if my grade would automatically post. It did and I noticed this:
Sociology Test 1
Date taken
Calculated Grade: 88
Points Possible: 100
Average Score: 66.67

I take it the portion in bold is the average that is usually scored on this particular test? There is a lot of information to try and remember though.
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