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Trouble w/ Trusting the Vet - sick kitty :(

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Hi everyone, I haven't been here for a while. But, it was such a help when learning how to raise my three adorable kittens my husband and I rescued.

Anyways, my kitty Tipsy is sick. I feel like the vet we just went to barely listened to me and hopefully with the collective experience of this forum you may have some advice.

1) Tipsy has reacted badly to vaccines in the past. He had 2 vaccinations, the first one he vomited, had high fever and didn't eat for a day, the second he had a lesser fever. Both subsided. sooo, he is sensitive to medicine, poor guy. (FYI - he won't be getting any more vaccines)

2)The kitties got fleas which in turn gave them tapeworms - poor babies. so, they got treated for fleas and then taken to the vet. This is where Tipsy's struggle begins. They got an injection for tape worms on a wednesday. We notice Tipsy is acting a little lethargic Friday night, on Saturday he has a fever and does not eat. We give him pedialyte and take him to the emergency room. (his fever was 106) He gets an anti-inflamatory, subcutaneous liquid and his blood checked. He has a normal blood count, comes home acting like he feels about 75-80% and starts eating right away. By the next day he is playing with his brothers and hiding and being his fun sweet self.

3) The next wednesday we give each kitty a pill to kill off the tapeworms for good.

4) Thursday morning 6:30am, kitties run out when I throw out the garbage.
Tipsy teases me by going under a car in our carport and meowing. I put the other cats in the house, when I come back, Tipsy is gone. We spend the next 5 1/2 hours searching for him and then putting up posters and searching for him. I go to work, come home, spend 3 more hours looking. (of course sobbing my eyes out most of the time).

4) Friday morning 7:00am i am calling tipsy's name with some chicken and the clicker we trained them with and out he comes from the exact same carport. He looks like a mechanic (he probably climbed up inside a car) He comes home eats a ton follows us everywhere, gets a bath, acts like his happy playful self.

5) Saturday morning he is sick again, but his fever feels less, he is still following us from room to room albeit slowly and he is eating. We think it may be a reaction to the medicine and to give him pedialyte, tons of rest, and wait it out. His fever did go away Monday, but came back Monday night.

6) Tuesday morning (yesterday) we take him to the vet, he has a 107 fever (God blessed us that he didn't have seizures!) the vet keeps him till 3 pumping him w/ fluid. We bring him home w/ a 104 fever and Cefa-Drops.

When I talked to the vet, he told me he thought Tipsy got in a fight when he was outside and that's why he had a fever. I told him he hadn't gone outside the first time he had the fever though and the vet said never mind. When my husband picked up Tipsy from the vet, he told my husband he thought Tipsy had gotten into a fight too. The vet told my husband Tipsy might leak fluid because he put so much in him (is this normal!!).

Anyways, it is Wednesday night (2 weeks after this all started) and Tipsy is sick. He is walking around feebly, eating just a little bit and meowing this sad deep meow when we pick him up (different than healthy meow).

- he has normal white blood count
- whatever he has doesn't seem to be contagious because his brothers aren't sick
- his nose started running just today

(no vomiting, and he is peeing and pooping, his stool looks normal)

any insights???

I will give the medicine some time to kick in, but I am thinking I will bring him to another vet next time and I just want to arm myself with some knowledge.

If you took the time to read this thank you soooo much!

it just hurts so bad to see your kitties ill and not be able to help them.

Tipsy is the grey/white tuxedo, ET is the orange tabby, snowball is the white fluffball.

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My male cat just went through the same thing.

5 month old rescue kitten just got kitten vaccinations AND a rabies vaccine without asking or telling me before they gave the rabies. Rabies vaccine was to be given next month. I always get it alone as single injection so their immune system has a chance to recover some.

Well, he was so sick. Vomiting, draining eyes, lethargy, not eating and just sick. He also had a swollen spot on his leg at the injection site. It has been weeks and he still has swelling. I already called vet b/c of concern about vaccine associated sarcoma.

I do not know for sure, but I am curious if it has something to do with an allergy/sensitivity to a perservative or chemical in the vaccines. Humans can have that so I wonder about animals.

What was the shot for tapeworms? We usually get a one-time pill that takes care of everything. No second dose needed.

Sorry I am no help and thank you for reading about my troubles. I hope someone has some suggestions. Good luck.
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The shot could have caused his problems.
My Lucy woulld not be dead if she had not had the shot.
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I think I would keep Tipsy inside until he is completely back to normal.

Perhaps the vet thought a cat bite (fight) caused an infection and therefore the fever? Taking care of patients who don't talk is very iffy business.

If you don't trust your vet, then you need to find a new vet. You won't be happy with anything the vet does.
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