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So scared of moving:(

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We are moving to a new house next year and I'm so scared for my cats. I have Lucas who is an indoor cat and my other 4 are indoor/outdoor. I wish I could have them all inside all the time, but they love going outside and playing in the grass. I have no idea how how am I going to handle them in the new house. I'm afraid of them getting lost and I'm afraid of people harming them in the new neighborhood, I'm terrified. I think I will have to keep then inside for a while, but I know they won't like that.

has anyone moved with 5 cats ? can someone help me with some suggestions?

Thanks so much!
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Could you build them a cat enclosure so they could still go outside safely at your new house?
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I just moved with 4 cats in July but they are indoor cats only.
Two of them were very scared when we got here but are fine now.
the other two were fine.
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I would keep them inside at least a few weeks so they establish that the new place is 'home' before letting them out.
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Build an enclosure, get Purrfect Fence, or just make them all indoor cats. They'll eventually get over being kept in if you give them plenty of toys, cat furniture, and interact with them.

I'll be moving very very soon if everything goes on schedule, first part of October in fact. DH is strongly considering Purrfect Fence since we'll be bringing several cats with us (people who recently moved out of the nearby trailer park left their cats), this means they'll get most of the backyard and cat proof fencing is our only option.
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When we moved with my cat, only one though I was concerned about it. I kept him in for three weeks, he scratched at the door and meowed but it wasn't a problem we just ignored it. He got used to his new home quickly. I had a harness for him and I walked him around the garden and got him used to it. They are territorial and don't roam too far from the house. He has his perimeters and loves his daily rounds! If you use a litter box it is useful to put some of there used litter outside, they know there own scents and it also deters other cats. Keep taking them out, i know it would be a task with 5 cats but half an hour a day for a week would be good. When you let them out off the harness make sure it is a day that you can be out there too. That way they can hear your voice and be around you. Our cat stayed with us in the garden!! A noise that they are familiar with is good too. You can get them used to that indoors before they go out, they will then associate that noise with you. Like shaking biscuits or a call with a certain tone of voice that kind of thing, a nice noise!! I hope any of those suggestions help. The big one is not to let them out to early, let them settle in to home first. I hope it goes well. Ours loves the outdoors and always comes when he is called.
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