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What would you do?

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Hello everyone:

I found an orange kitten like a month ago, a very cute , sweet kitten that is about 4 months old. I was going to try and find a home for him, but I asked around and the kitten belongs to a little girl in the neighborhood. I felt happy and relived at that time, but the kitten keeps coming back here, I normally wouldn't mind, but he keeps trying to get inside the house, he broke a screen in our house to get in and he got through a window and jumped on my mom when she was sleeping, she woke up soo scared, I can't let that happen again.

Also, the kitten is not looking very healthy, he is thin, dirty and one of his paws is hurt. I took him back to his owners and I told them about it, but they just don't take care of him, he is always on the streets and he ends up here. The other problem I have is that he upsets my cats, for some reason they hate him. I feel so sorry for the little one, I don't know what to do, I wish I could find him a good home, but he already has a "home". This is so sad , I wish I could do something.

I just wanted to know your opinions, what would you do in a situation like this?
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Oh no that's so sad that this kitten actually has a home but they don't seem to care about him!

Personally, and I'm not one with a lot of morals when it concerns people who don't give two hoots about their pets, I'd take the kitten and try to rehome it. If you're into giving chances, you could speak (or yell) at the family and tell them to keep their kitten safe or not have him at all. Then if he appears again, take him without another word to the family.

The family doesn't give a d@mn what happens to him. If he's always out, he could have been killed! They don't deserve to have him, and it would be too late to wait for something to happen eg. him getting seriously injured outside. From what you've said he's already injured, though it could be from his efforts to get into your home

I understand that your cats don't like this little boy, but if you cannot find anyone to keep him, perhaps you could just keep him in a room till he's fit to be adopted out?

Vibes that you can find a good solution for this little kitten soon! and Bless you for caring!
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I completely agree. If this family seems to not care enough to take proper care of their cat then it would be their loss. The cat obviously needs to be attention if their paw seems to be hurt and they don't look like they are receiving the correct nourishments.
Go to the family and tell them that you are extremely concerned for the well being of the cat and if they seem not to care or do anything to help, help the cat on your own.
Good luck!!!!
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In my have returned the kitten at least two or more times. The owners have essentially abandoned the kitten by the fact that they have taken no action to "keep" the kitten as their own. That, to me, classifies the kitten as a stray and you need not take it back to them.

Is it possible to ask your friends, extended family members or co workers about giving the kitten a home?

Are there any "no kill" shelters in your area?

Lastly, can you give it a bathroom or a bedroom to settle in and then go through the proper introduction technique listed in the Behavior Sticky. Your cats will work it out, especially when properly introduced.

I wish you the best in helping the kitten. You are a wonderful person to care about his well being.
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Just be cautious....he could well have fleas, or who knows what else. Before letting him near your kitties, get a full vet exam, de-worm/flea treat, FeLV/FIV test...the whole nine yards.
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My words to those people would be "what kitten?" I am with the others that said just care for him until you can rehome him, or get him fixed up and try a slow ontro to your home. Poor baby!
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If it is the case that the family don't care and that it is out on the streets all the time, it would not be a shock if something happened to it. How would they know? I would put it in a room in your house away from your other kitties and see if a rescue centre would take it and look after it, not kill it. Hopefully once better it would be rehomed to people who would love it and take care of it. Sorry for the 'it', poor thing. A little girl cannot take responsibility for a kitten in need and does not understand what a kitten needs. I would not hesitate to put the kittens welfare at the top of the list and I would not care less about the family! A kitty needs more than this family is obviously willing to give.
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The others are right - if the little girl is to learn anything about responsible ownership, then she needs to "lose" the kitten. I believe in Divine Guidance, and surely that lucky boy has a very good guardian angel (maybe one of our RB kitties or loved ones )who has guided him to your care
How scary for your mom - being startled awake like that, one might think it was a burglar
Please keep us updated, and know that to return a cat to a bad home (yes, he's been abandoned because that is what neglect is ) is the wrong thing to do, bottom line
Bless you for being caring!
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I agree with the others. Free this poor kitten from poor ownership. He/she is crying out for help. He/she is not just visiting like some kittens do this kitten wants help.
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There isn't an adult willing to take responsibility for the kitten, so I would consider it to be homeless.

I would spay it and treat it for everything (fleas, de-worming, etc.) with a vet's advice and get it up-to-date on shots. If I couldn't afford to do all of that, I would try to get it into a rescue group or no-kill shelter. It might be a bit easier if you offered to foster it so it wouldn't take up space in their facility. Keep it separate from your own cats until it's tested negative for everything.

Then I would work on finding a good home for it.
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I too would find it a home/care for it. It happens in my neighborhood all the freaking time. I wish I knew how to educate people and either stop them from getting animals in the first place or teach them how to properly care for the ones they get. I've had to put two to sleep in the last year. One had cancer the other we lost last Monday. He had Fe-luk. He was someone's "pet" and less than two years old. Funny how he lived on my porch for six months. He was an absolute angel. If I could get away with one crime I'd throttle his former "owners."
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