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dog Show

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Anybody watching the Dog Show today? I don't have a dog right now,but I plan to someday,there are some beautful dogs on today.
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I'm not watching it , I dogs.. I have 2 German Shepards

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I watched it!!
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Bella is gorgeous !!!
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I tried to watch it but I fell asleep!

I need to catch it again, I missed the beginning and end.

I was sooo glad to see 3 bullies there this year
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I like the Toy group. How to choose between all those cuties!
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Bella is gorgeous !!!
Thank you Sam!! We think so too! The great dane in the show, Coral, was just beautiful. I was so happy when she placed in the top 4, as danes usually don't place well in the big shows like that. Makes no sense to me as I think they're GREAT!
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Nope, I have no TV. I'm going to a cat show (my very first one!) this weekend, with the breeder I'm getting Luna from.
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I always root for the cocker spaniels as I have a niece and a nephew who are cocker spaniels (Bella & Bart).
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The Dalmatians never make the cut. They, rarely make Best of Group. Poor spotty doggies have gotten some bad press, the past few years.

Oh, well - Ike doesn't need trophies and ribbons, to be loved. Besides, Pearl would eat them.
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Viva that's so cool! I hope to someday go to a cat show, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like! You'll have to tell us about it when you go!
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That's Ok Sunni
I'm off too a cat show also , I have been showing for over 10 years
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