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PayPal Advice needed

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Sorry to come on here and ask but all seem a sound lot so hope you can help.

We brought an item via a private seller on the internet, they say to pay via paypal but to mark it as a gift so no fees would be charged.
Well a week later our circumstances have changed and we no longer require it, so we asked for a refund, they are saying that they will only refund £70 of the £100 as £30 was a deposit, which would be ok, but they stated to us in a email no deposit was required, a bit baffled, I said no you never, but they state nope they will only refund £70 and even then they will only refund once they have sold it

As it was sent as a gift have I any hope of my money being refunded, I have kept all the emails?

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Did you keep the email where they said to say it was a gift? That sounds kind of shady to me. Sounds like they are trying to get around PayPal's insistence that things are on the up and up or they will reverse the transaction.

Did you pay by Credit Card? You could file a complaint with the credit card company and have the charge reversed.

Contact PayPal and provide them with a copy of the email that the person sent to you insisting that you indicate it was a gift, and the ebay ad where it said no deposit was required.

And also contact eBay with the same information.
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Since you paid by paypal, you can file a dispute with them. At least I believe you can because we can here in the U.S. You can explain the whole situation in the dispute and mention you have the emails stating there was no deposit etc. Any time I've had to file a dispute with Pay Pal, I've gotten all my money back including shipping.
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