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really sad add!

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I know, I should not browse the giveaways. But this little cutie caught my eye.
It is really sad that her add says that new owner must agree to spay and DECLAW her!!
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Mmph!!!! What a nut job!!!
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That’s weird. Why do you have to agree to declaw... Does the owner giving her away think that its beneficial to her health or something?
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If anyone here lives in that area, they should call Lisa and find out why the declaw clause!
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if only i lived over there id take her in a heart beat, wouldnt declaw her though its not right

infact im pretty sure its illegal in england to do so
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How is the old owner going to know if the kitten gets de-clawed and spayed anyway once she goes to a new home?

I would not dream of de-clawing any cat of mine! No way...that is what a scratching post is for...
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If I could take her I'd spay her and keep her inside but declaw her?????????
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I hope someone in the group can talk to that idiot.
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I just put the phone number in a reverse look up site and got a name and phone number. I really need to go to bed before I get myself into trouble over this.
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I can understand the agreeing to spay but why declaw that is nuts. I hope this poor kitty finds a good owner who will only spay her.
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I have no problem calling her and asking. I can pretend i am interested without causing a big crap about it. Most people who do stupid things are just uneducated. Maybe she just needs to know why we wouldn’t declaw and she would be like "oh, darn, I can’t believe I thought declawing was a good thing!"

I just don’t want to call if everyone else is lol.
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perhaps she thinks that if she is declawed she would have to be kept inside? I know I've known people who only keep cats inside because they are declawed...I'm not saying its right, but it could explain the desire to make sure she does get declawed
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What a cute cat! I hope someone sane gives it a good home soon. Call them and find out whats going on!
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