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Vibes for Poisoned Cat

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For reference, see link

While we were at the vet waiting for Whisky's XRays, we saw an SPCA van pull up. To cut a long story short, a German guy working in Singapore saw a cat convulsing by the side of a road, picked it up and rushed it over to the vet we were at. (He's SUCH an angel! Not many would bother, especially considering midnight charges are $250 a pop)

The cat in question is a beautiful tortie with white (I think that's what her colouring is). She looks to be quite young, perhaps 1 year old or younger. When I saw her she was still shaking a bit.

Anyway, I gave this guy my number because he has a territorial cat at home and cannot keep her. I don't want this little girl to go to SPCA where she's got a low chance of surviving their "screening process".

Would like vibes for her speedy recovery please! I know how powerful TCS vibes are
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Sending Get Well vibes and prayers for this little Tortie! She's so lucky to have been found by both of you!!
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Vibes sent for the kitty.
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Bless her little heart.
Sending tons of and Prayers her way.
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Poor thing. Lots of vibes for a speedy recovery. And thank God for all the good samaritans in the world!

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Sending many vibes for that sweet kitty.
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Sigh~ Just to update, in case anyone is still following this thread. Unfortunately the vet found that this cat wasn't poisoned at all, she had a disease which was affecting her brain. I texted the guy asking for updates and that was all he told me... He also said that he'd already asked them to put the cat to sleep. Anyway, thanks for all your vibes.

RIP little kitty.. You were beautiful
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I am so sorry, was going to send vibes.
Sleep well little one, and play happy over the bridge.
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I'm so sorry to hear that.
Rest In Peace little one
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I was so hoping that everything was going to be okay...I'm so sorry...
RIP Little One.
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