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Foster behavior

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I've got a sweet little cat I took in on foster care. She was pregnant when i got her.

The sweetes cat i've ever seen. CRAVED attention and tummy tubs. I mean she was GLUED to me.

Now that she's had the babies she's... well different. She still wants to be petted but when I do she doesn't sit still for longer than 5 minutes now. She use to sit and love being petted as long as I'd stay there.

I realize she's not pregnant anymore, but i'm concerned something might be wrong. She just won't stay still. It's not always the babies either. I was asleep last night and she was sleeping about 10 feet from the box. Then this morning she was under the bed. The box is in the closet.

SHould I be getting concerned for her health?
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Most cats are so much more friendlier/affectinate when they are pregnant. You are probably seeing more of her "normal personality" now than when she was pregnant.

Its also normal for them not to want to be with the babies constantly.
She may be somewhat agitated and need some time away from them. Is there a way that she can get to other parts of the house for some time away?

She can also go into heat, especially if there are any intact males around outside that will make her very uneasy.
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What Pami said. Just so long as she IS caring for the babies.

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