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My new puppy!

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A lot of you guys know we went through a hard time a few months ago and thought we were going to lose everything we had as a result we re-homed my shih-tzu puppy Chase with one of my best friend as well as a a couple of the cats and my parrot. This broke my heart in a thousand pieces. I still get to see them. My friend brings chase by every couple of days I saw Sadie when I went to my friends house shes doing awesome as an only cat and so much more loving!!! In a multiple cat household she was extremely mean mainly to me. Sam is doing well not timid at all any more she loves people she came right out and brushed around my legs purring. It was great to see her like that she was semi-feral when I found her and would tear you up without warning if you touched her from behind.

Around a 2 months after things got so hard my brother pitched in and said you will not lose everything I wont let you. He took care of our bills(the ones we were behind on and paid the house payment until we got back on our feet) I am forever in debt to him now...I owe him more then I could ever repay him(not money wise either)

Last night My friend who is a breeder called and told me she had an imperial shih-tzu who was strawberry and white in color and female. She offered her to me for 300 instead of her usually 1500 for imperials. I had to take pumpkins to her(my mom grows them)yesterday morning so DH and I went down to her house(around a 30 minute drive 1hr round trip) she took us to see all the shih-tzu puppies and we fell in love with the one she told us about. She was so pretty and she has a chocolate nose!! Here is her picture

*sorry this is so long I wanted to put some background info in there.
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She is beautiful
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She's adorable, congrats!
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What an adorable puppy!
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Thanks guys I havent picked out a name yet...I want to call her Bailey but DH likes Jade because of her green eyes.
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So cute! A puppy is the second best thing in the world...after a kitten of course! Glad you found some happiness after it all
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congrats on your new puppy!
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Thanks for sharing her with us So so adorable .. love those sleepy eyes ...
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Very cute! What is an imperial Shih Tzu? I've never heard of imperial?
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Wow I'm delighted about your puppy.
But your brother sounds like a true prince. What a great guy!
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yes my little brother is quite the prince! I love that kid more then life itself!!!

To answer someones question about Imperials here is the description of them.
Imperial Shih Tzu are under 9 lbs and a smaller version of the shih-tzu they are considered by AKC as a shih-tzu. The term Imperial is a description of a weight variance of the Shih-Tzu.
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Congratulations shes adorable! And I agree with your DH Jade is an adorable and fitting name.
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She is adorable
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Congratulations she is adorable. My daughter has that breed and they are great dogs.
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