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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, September 24th!

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Good morning!

Here's Wednesday's question of the day.

How do you heat your home? Do you do anything special to conserve energy during the winter months?

I have a gas forced air furnace. I have it run by a programmable thermostat. I had new storm windows installed several years ago, and new attic insulation. I've always kept my basement heated, because I do my laundry and sewing down there. I also use my treadmill in the basement. If the energy prices continue to rise (as I'm fairly sure they will) I will probably stop heating the basement to help lower my heating bill.
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We have a heat pump. However, heat pumps are not all that efficient at colder temperatures, so they all need an auxiliary source for heat. In our case, we disabled the automatic switching and just run it on the auxiliary gas heat when it gets cold.
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We have a gas furnace, but I rent an apartment, and only have 4 windows in the whole place, so there isn't a lot I can do to conserve. It seems to be pretty well insulated though because I don't have a problem with drafts, etc.
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We have a wood stove and furnace..During the coldest months we use the wood stove it heats the whole house..
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My house is newish so the walls are insulated to keep the heat in. I had new double glazed windows installed last year, and a new boiler installed over a year ago, so i'm able to lower the temperature for the radiators because it's nice and warm
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We just built our house last year, so we have electric heat and it's already energy star rated. But, we do have a fire place with a blower in the family room so many evenings we'll turn the thermostat down and just start a fire. The heat doesn't reach our bedroom but it keeps the family room, computer rooms and kitchen pretty toasty. Once we get the basement finished (probably by year 2015 ) we're getting a pellet stove for down there and that may actually take care of the main floor too.
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We have a pellet stove. We love it! It pretty much heats the whole house. We have an electric heater that doesn't use much energy (i cannot remember what it is called) that we use in the kitchen when it is extra chilly and it really helps. I have thick curtains I put up over the windows and I block up the crack under the door and it helps keep wind from coming in.
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I heat with electric but luckily my place is fairly small so the bills aren't to bad. I do have timers and such so that helps a lot...
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I have electric heat also and I also shrink wrap my windows, but my bills are still awful! I need to replace my windows, but I'm very reluctant to sink any money into my trailer when it's not worth that much as it is
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