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Daily Thread HUMP day Sept 24th!

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Morning peeps!

Its going to be a beautiful day today!! 24 degrees and sunny!

Yesterday was lovely as well. Josh and I went for a run outside his school..and is it ever a beautiful campus. We then worked out in the gym, and then had a shawarma

Tomorrow is my brothers 20th birthday so I shall take him out for a beer or something. Poor guys car just broke down again.

Heading to work in a bit...free lunch from one of the body shops today

Anyhoo have a good one everyone!
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Morning All!!!

Little late getting to the thread this morning. I am off today and the kitties actually let me sleep in a bit.

Gorgeous fall day here so I guess once I get motivated I might go for a bit of a walk on the fitness trail..

I also have a couple of errands to run but will do that later this afternoon.

The kitties are good today, hanging out with me and window watching right now...

Everyone have a good one
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Good afternoon. Nice cool Fall weather here today! We went to the Dermatologist today, we all checked out well I had a mole on my leg removed. Had to go back to the Dermotologist office again since I forgot my MEDICAID card the first time.:/. Then we went out to lunch. Probably I'll take a nap now. .
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Good morning!

Yesterday ended up being almost warm and sunny, yay! Let's hope today gives more of the same.

Crazy busy at work, so won't get any breaks or lunch, so don't get much time on here... Aw...

Kitties are good! Evie got her cuddles in this morning. And Sam and Cronos are getting better together! They're in the same room, but one is in the cage and one not. There's less hissing now!

Everyone have a great day!
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Today has pretty much been as aweful for me as last night was. Last night my rabbit Sophie passed away so I had to go to my mom's house and take care of everything. When I finally got home last night I opened my door only to smell something horrible when I noticed Whiskey, my little Carolina Dog had been sick everywhere....EVERYWHERE. It took me an hour to clean up everything I got him stabelized last night and then took him to the vet first thing this morning. We spent several hours there today having tests done on him. He's got a massive GI infection and is in pretty bad shape- he had a shot this morning and is on 3 additional medicines. I'm hoping something works so he gets better.

No sooner had a left the vets office than my brother in law called me to tell me that my nephew Cooper was sick and could I please get him (my bil & sis were at work) so I stopped and picked up my nephew too. So i've got a sick dog and a sick nephew at the moment. I brought them home and once I got the dog settled in I fixed Cooper some soup then put him to bed. He's still napping right now.

So that's pretty much been it today. I'm supposed to go to the gym tonight with my friend but i might just wait and see. I start my new heart meds yesterday so i'm not feeling to great. Bad day!
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Well rain was predicted so I postponed a grass seeding job and of course it didn't rain!!
So I picked up some supplies for tomorrow, some Honeycrisp apples and apple cider and planted some mums at my Thursday client.

The electric companies tree guys are here right now. They topped one of the trees the other they said was too far from line that they didn't have to top. So we will end up taking that one down sometime this fall. The other three trees at the other end of our property-I hear chain saws but they only needed to top again but they cut two of them down perhaps a probelm with the branches?? Less sawing on our part-just a big mess!!

Making pasta for supper tonite and hopefully finishing grid #6!!

Its warmer than usual once again and continuing until Saturday when much cooler temps and hopefully rain returns.
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