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Is this normal or is he thin?

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Hi, I have a long haired gorgeous ginger kitty who I have started combing as the brushing wasn't doing much. He is about two years old now. I feed him 3 to 4 times a day on high quality wet food pouches. I am concerned though as I was combing him yesterday and i could feel the bones of his backside area were quite prominent. Is that normal or is he thin? It is hard to tell due to his coat, he is very active. He likes his food and has no probs with it, he always eats it but not all in one go as though he was starving. I don't know how to explain which bone it is but the one below the tail area coming down to his bum. He last went to the vet for his jabs about 3 weeks ago and the vet didn't seem worried. Am I just fretting or should I try feeding more? Apparently the pouches say he should be having 3 a day but at times he has four, no way near fat though. Thanks if anyone can advise.
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Here are some aids which may help you decide whether/not you're "fretting...

I particularly like this one, because you can adjust the image yourself and read the accompanying description - when you get to "Step 2", put the cursor on the oragnge circle, click, and move the circle sideways back and forth.

There is another good visual and descriptive set of charts at this link.

One more for you.

If the food you're using is high fat and protein, low carbohydrate, continue to feed him as much as he wants...I'm confident he'll maintain a fit figure!
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Sounds like you are talking about the spine. Many refined breeds like rexes, Balinese (longhair Siamese) and Orientals will have a more predominate spine. Doesn't mean they are skinny/underweight. You still go by the muscle on their body/ribs.
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It is normal to feel the projections at the top of the pelvis in a cat with long slender body type If you could not feel it, then it is a sign of obesity.
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Thanks for the advise, I feel reassured now. He is quite a big cat but it was when I was grooming him that I could feel his (i think) pelvic bones protruding and was so shocked and concerned. I am confident that I am feeding good food, Epona advised me on that a year ago so I know what to look for and I am happy with it. I am giving him an extra pouch a day now as he seems to want it and he is still far far far away from being fat. He is such an energetic cat, hardly a minutes peace!! Hehehe. He is a proffessional chill out artist when he wants to be though too. I did ask the vet to weigh him the last time and she said he is perfect, that was before I felt the bone though!! Thanks so much to you all, I love my little man dearly and never want to let him down.
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