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Meet Neko!

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I was hesitant to pick this little guy up from the Human Society, but after having been exposed to distemper, surviving that, and being sent to a foster home I could resist. I am so so so so SO happy I did, my resident cat loves him now after the initial grumping and hissing.

My favorite. OWNED!
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Awwww look at them together!!
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They even like to groom each other now. Only problem is, little kitten likes to eat Yuki's big fur person cat food. So Yuki stick his paw in the bowl and scoots it away from Neko. I was on the floor laughing when I saw that.
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Awwwww Bless! What a little darling!!!
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Aww, how adorable, he's loving his new home.
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OMG he's adorable, they love each other
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He's absolutely precious!
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That last picture is wicked! Definatley should go on ICHC
Neko, you are such a cutie! They make a really cute couple too
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Awwww they love each other Soo cute
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awww how lovely do they look
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what a cutie pies!!...
Welcome at the site Neko!.....
looks soo lovely boths!
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My goodness what an adorable little guy. The third picture is totally precious...
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He is so cute! I love his paws!
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