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Has anyone read about the recent Duke University findings?

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concerning sucralose (Splena).

I know there are a lot of diet soda drinkers here, and probably quite a few who use artificial sweeteners in other things. Just another bit of info to add to the list. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/23/bu...23splenda.html

A little more on how it affects GI bacteria, pH, and drug adsorption can be found here or several other sites with the article by looking up "Duke University sucralose/splenda".

I'd like to see the initial findings that were submitted to The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health but who wants to pay $1800+? Maybe an abstract can be found later..

Not exactly breaking news here as anyone with common sense knows the stuff is bad.
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yea i have seen those reports. not much i can do about it, I cant use normal suger.

and aspartame stuff is even worse, along with it being broken down to formaldehyde inside the body.

the reason for the weight gain, is that soda has a ton of salt. And that cause weight gain,( that is what i think anyway)

i would like to try some Stevia, been thinking that for year or so, matter fact, i think i will order some now
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^ I wish soda did have a lot of sodium. Pepsi has 30mgs... I'm supposed to be eating around 4-5 grams. It's surprisingly difficult to do. I wish I could gain a bit of weight, too, I hate taking in dress pants.

Another gem for those who have hopped on the whole "green" trend. http://pubs.acs.org/subscribe/journa...sucralose.html
I'll be interested in finding out what their study results show, too.
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lol i have the other problem, i look at food and i think i can gain pounds. My grandmother was in town, and i did not eat any of her cakes, or cookies , but hmm i swear i am 5 pounds more right now. lol

for me its not about going green, i had issues with aspartame, and i am not likeing what i have been reading about Splena.

been told, and have done some reading on Stevia, that it does not effect blood suger levels(unless its been mixed with other stuff).
and there are many people say its great, lol i guess i can give a update on that in about a week
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I can't eat anything with Splenda anyway, It gives me awful headaches

I switched to Diet Rite one summer instead of Diet Pepsi since it was cheaper and that same summer I developed headaches, that never went away, I mean I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours and it would only dull it. I even had a catscan done to try to figure out what was going on. I switched back to Diet Pepsi cause Diet rite just didn't taste the same and the headaches went away. It wasn't until later that I realized the correlation
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^NSAIDs and painkillers also have the side effect of causing rebound headaches, so you probably weren't doing yourself any favors by taking so much.

If anyone looks up "horrible nausea" (I can't remember exactly what I named the thread), that was the result of drinking Propel with Splenda in it. I had tried ice cream with Splenda in it a few years before, it made me nauseous and caused me to vomit. I suspected the Splenda then, but I'm also mildly lactose intolerant so I wasn't 100% certain. The Propel doesn't have a large amount of Splenda in it but I had been drinking it for a few weeks. Finally I woke up one day with nausea so bad that I could not move without gagging. The only thing that had been added to my diet recently was the Propel so I strongly suspect Splenda is not good for me.
Aspartame causes a headache and nausea.

Unless one is diabetic (or heading that way) I don't understand what is so wrong with sugar. Just limit your intake. Nothing is wrong with a piece of cake, if you only have a small piece - let someone else eat the rest of it.
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