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I got the best gift this morning!

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I have never really talked about my mom,that is because,she hasn't been right since my brother died,and didn;t want anything to do with the rest of her kids and has never seen my 6 grandchildern the oldest is 7, well she called me this morning!!!To wish me happy Easter! and to thank me for the pictures, I have been sending her pictures of the kids. I was so happy to hear from her,and maybe she is finelly ready to join the land of the living!!! Please send some prayer's for her and her family!
Thanks Sherral
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awwww what a nice gift
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That's great, Sherral! Sending prayers from GA!
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That is wonderful, Sherral!!!

This is the first Easter I have not spent with my family. I am not there because my mom, who had 3 heart attacks last year within a week, has decided to go against her doctor's advice and her family's pleading, and has started to smoke again.
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Congrats, about your mom. Life is to short not to love family, especially if they are close(location)

Lots of love now and in the future, it was wise of you to be persist.
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This is wonderful news! I'm keep her in my prayers. Happy Easter!
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Thank you everyone!
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I am so glad to hear that...What a wonderful gift!
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Cool Gift
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Sherral, my mom undergone a stage of depression after my older brother died of bone cancer (on in his 30s.)

She was totally devastated.

To be honest, it is a very slow process to overcome grief suffered from loss of a close relation. Till now, i still hold my dear brother very close to my heart.

That is life, i guess. i often asked God why he took my brother away. One time, i even wished it was me, instead of him. When he died, he left behind a wife and a daughter. That was on April 19th, 2001.

My mom is fairing much better now. We encourage her to take up different activities, just to keep her busy, and to keep her mind off. She is now taking ballroom dancing lessons and participates in church activities (visiting the needy.)

So, i was wondering, Sherral, if it helps to encourage your mom to keep busy, or even to suggest stuff for her to do? (vacation, language, art, floral arrangement lessons, etc.? Just to get her out of the house.)

Smiles and lots of blessings.
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Aw Sherral, I'm sorry to hear about your Mum's troubles.... but I'm very glad to hear things may be looking up!!! What a wonderful day for something like this to happen. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

Sue - I'm so sorry! Smoking is a real ....... I had a heck of a time with it. Thoughts and prayers headed your way, too!
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My brother died 20 years ago,she goes in and out of these depression stages ever so often this one has lasted 7 years the longest one so far,at all other times she is normal see the kids, has party's and goes on vacation,ect.I am hoping this time she will stay out of a deep depression,and joins the family. Thanks for all your prayers,and caring.
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Prayers are on the way from Minnesota!!! I'm glad your mother called you this morning Sherral!

I have always heard that the death of a child is so devestating(sp?) that a parent can never fully recover from the loss. Does your mother belong to a grief support group now, or did she belong to one in the past? (Sorry to bring this up.)
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No she don't and never has,we have tried 100's of times to get her to,but she won't. All of her kids have. It has helped us,but she says she don't need to she can handle it.Ya right! we can not force her to. I think if it happend [God forbod] to me ,I would join one.I know it helped me when Randy died,and I still think about him after all these years,I have a hard time seeing him at the age he would be,I still see him at 19,when he died,weird !
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Sherral, I'm glad to see that your Mom is trying to be a part of your life and your familie's too. Hope you had the best Easter and sending prayers for your Mom!
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