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Are you home?

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Well, what I mean is, do you live where you grew up?

If not, what do you miss most about your home area?

For me (a Denver native), I miss cool nights in the summer and the view of the mountains.

What do you NOT miss about your home area?

For me, -20 degrees F.

EDIT: Sorry, mods, I somehow got this in the wrong place. Could you move it to the Lounge, please?
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well, i'm a native of my state, altho i was born in the southern portion. my dad was in the navy - my sister was born in the PNW - Washington state, plus we also lived in California before moving back here. but we've lived [i include my parents, who still live nearby] in this general area since i was quite small - i don't remember living anywhere else.
so i currently live w/in about an hour's drive of my 1st remembered home - so i guess i'm home!
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I only spent a few months in my birthplace after being born, then visited for a few days when I was 7 years old and have not gone back. My parents were travelers so my birthplace was more like a stopover so I don't miss anything about it.
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I'm about 25-30 mile from where i was born, so it's not that far really
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I was born in Kentucky and lived there until I was 12 and we moved to Florida (after a short 6 month stint in Las Vegas).

I've been here every since

I miss Ky and having the season changes. Here in Florida it's warm and HOT and that's it

But I've grown roots here so I doubt I'll be moving anytime soon
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I was born in Upstate NY, lived there for 32 years, then moved to KY. I miss my family and all the Italian stores and the really good Italian restaurants
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I'm pretty close. Currently I live about 45 min. from the village where I grew up, but it's a big difference. Right now I live in the city - have to for work, but I grew up in the middle of nowhere and I miss the peace and quiet, the distance from your neighbours, and the sense the weekends were just a bit longer than they are now.

On the upside, DH and I have decided we'll move up there again as soon as we can afford for one of us to not have to work.
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Well, I was born in South Carolina and lived there for a while. Now I live in Maine. I lived in a pretty populated town when I first moved to Maine for most of my schoool years and now live about 45 minutes or so from there, a little more in the middle of no where! I don't miss living there. It was always too loud and too many people. I like it much better out here. The only thing I do not like is bad winters in Maine! But we make it through.
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I was born in winnipeg and i'm still in winnipeg...
my feet froze to the ground one winter...
i'm still here..
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I am still in the same city I was born in and haven't lived anywhere else. I saw this town grow up and expand.
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I'm still right in the same area

I was born in Cleveland and I've steadily moved south, but I'm still only an hour from Cleveland
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I was born and raised in Indiana and now live in New York State.

I miss being able to see the horizon and the openness of the area in Indiana.
I don't miss tornado warnings and heavy snow.

I love the mountains and the Hudson River, it's beautiful here.
I like being able to watch a heavy rain and not being afraid, it's more electrical storms here and not wind events, unless it's a Nor'easter.

We just got back from vacation back to Indiana to see family, it's great to go back there and then it's great to come back here.
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I was born and still live in Tampa, Florida. I can't wait to get out of here. I'm tired of all the humidity and the heat, not to mention only having one season. With the housing costs and the insurance costs associated with owning a home, we won't ever be able to afford a home here.

DBF and I are planning a move to Colorado in the next 2 years (after I graduate college). We're tired of the flat lands and want to move to the mountains where we always vacation.
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I live 10 minutes from where I grew up and where my Mother still lives.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I'm about 25-30 mile from where i was born, so it's not that far really
That's it for me as well. In fact my older sister lives in the family home where I was raised..We still have many of our family get togethers there. The house itself has been in the family since 1870 when my paternal great-grandparents built it. So we have quite a history in the area, although the local cemetery is a community cemetery I am most likely in some way related to about 3/4 of the people resting there..
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I've lived in Southeastern Indiana all my life, though I've lived in a couple different towns. I'm happy where I am and don't miss the old towns at all.
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I moved out for college a few years ago and only go back to visit, mostly my horse I'm only 45 minutes from home so the climate isn't any differnt, other than 1 or 2 degrees colder

I miss the fact that it was a bigger town, 8,000 people and there was a Hy-Vee open all night. Now I live in a town of 2,000 people, no Wal-Mart, no Hy-Vee.....NOTHING open all night.

I don't miss the higher rates of crime though. Nothing really happens in this town that people (teenagers) don't get caught for. It's kind of nice.
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I'm still living in the same house that my parents and my siblings moved to when I was 8 months old....I am now 22 years old!

I do plan to move out soon though...
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Home for me is the Seattle area. I now live in Colorado.

I miss:
- how green it is
- seeing water everywhere
- the rainy weather (honestly)
- the mild winters
- cultural diversity
- people who know how to pronounce 'puget sound'
- seeing mount rainier
- being able to drive a few hours to go to the 'real' coast
- being so close to canada

I don't miss:
- earthquakes
- traffic

Colorado is pretty but it's so dry and open and yellow (unless you are up in the mountains, obviously). There are lots of pine trees and aspen in the mountains but it's not the same as evergreens. There isn't the same type of urban sprawl that you have in Western Washington, so when you leave one town and drive to another, you know you are in a different town. It makes driving somewhere feel like it takes forever, but I can see why city planners want that.
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I grew up in Yonkers, NY and I really don't miss much about it except that we lived with a great view of the Hudson and we could hope on the train to go to NYC.

I did spend summers in the Catskills and I miss the lovely woods, the stream, the other summer tourist friends, etc. My family lives there year-round now and I still love it.

I don't miss the weather in either place. The Bay Area wins in that respect.
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I was born in Illinois and then we moved to Texas when I was about 2 months old and then from Texas to Cali when I was 5. I do concerder cali my home because I was there for the longest part of my life. No I am not home I am in WA now. I miss the wather, my friends, and my parents (sometimes). I do like how green it is here, but I hate how cold it is!!
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No - born and raised in Maryland. Now live in Minnesota. DH says when I survived 2 winters in Minnesota, I could be an official Minnesotian...so that's what I am now
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I'm aabout 100 miles from where I grew up in Central WI. We had a nice view of Rib Mountain which I believe is the highest elevation in WI. At nights in the winter the ski hill trails are all lit up. Plus we lived really close to a smaller and larger river and and two large man made lakes for swimming. But its much more developed and much more traffic in the area that our house was. Don't miss that!!

The only thing I miss here is a close body of water for swimming etc... When I mean close it has to be 5-10 minutes away. The creek close buy-icky!! The bay of Green Bay isn't all that far but not the same thing.
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Gail, just curious but have you ever visited House of the Rocks? We did on vacation - fasinating place. Reason I ask is that many times people don't take the time to visit good places in their state......they go out of state and visit something else
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I was born in the Niagara Region, Ontario. Moved to a tiny town with 1300 people when I was 2... lived in that area until I was 18. Then moved back to the Niagara Region. Now live on Lake Huron. So no.
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I am home. Seriously. I still live with the parental units. Only thing that's changed is I grew up in a dumpy tiny house, we built a new one when I was in 6th grade across the driveway from the old house. So we not live in the new house.
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I HAVE heard that nearly 50% of all Americans have never been more than 100 miles from where they were born. Hard to believe, these days.
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Yes, I'm home. (and very glad to be!) I was born and raised in Memphis and right now I literally live just about 5 minutes up the road from Memphis, here in Bartlett, TN- it's a lovely city...but has less crime and all than Memphis does....but it's only about 5 minutes away from Memphis so i'm still super close to everything I could possibly want.

DH is origionally from Mobile, Alabama....so he's a transplant.
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I was born and raised in Montreal, left the family home when I was 26 and moved to Vancouver. While Montreal will always be my "home town", Vancouver was immediately "home", and I can't imagine living anywhere else. However, the answer to the question as posed is no.

What do I miss most? Aside from people, of whom there's really only my brother and SIL now, what I miss most is a fleeting few hours every spring -- the mild sunny day, when for the first time you can smell the mud, smell the earth coming back to life. It's not even a particularly pleasant smell, but it is for me the smell of returning life, and I miss it every year. Spring is my favourite season, and that's the one thing missing from it here.

What I don't miss is the winter that froze the earth to the point that it had that kind of waking up to do -- and the humidity in summer.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Gail, just curious but have you ever visited House of the Rocks? We did on vacation - fasinating place. Reason I ask is that many times people don't take the time to visit good places in their state......they go out of state and visit something else
Don't you mean House on the Rock? Descriptions of the place certainly make it sound interesting. If I ever make my way up to Michigan to visit my mom (if I can ever afford the time and gas...) I wouldn't mind going through Wisconsin again, with some side trips.

I was born in El Reno Oklahoma, but raised a couple towns away from where I live now. The town I grew up in is small - around 1300 people, because of this everyone knows everyone else's business and think it's theirs to butt in and gossip. My dad still lives there as does DH's grandmother, so we still go to visit family. Every time we go over there's another building downtown that looks to be falling apart or is being torn down - the town looks like it's almost in a state of decay...
So no, I don't miss it.

The town I live in now has around 8,900 people. Large enough that people mostly mind their own business but still feels like a town instead of a city.

Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
I HAVE heard that nearly 50% of all Americans have never been more than 100 miles from where they were born. Hard to believe, these days.
I've lived in the UP, that's quite a ways from Oklahoma.
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