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Well, I'm ready!

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Tomorrow is my first day back on the hospital ward! I work 7:30am to 11:30am.

I think I'm being buddied with a clinical resource nurse in order to get more familiar with policies and procedures that may have changed since I was last worked, and probably a reorientation to the pumps.

I hemmed my new uniform's pants, and dug out my stethoscope, name tag and my RN pin.

I'm thrilled, but at the same time I'm more nervous than I thought I would be.
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Good luck! I'm sure you'll just do fine!
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Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do just fine! First day of work call always be a little nervewracking.
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Oh wow, you have conquered a long road you had in front of you. Congratulations, you will do well.
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You'll do great Linda! You'll get right back in the swing of things, and probably show those other nurses a thing or two. Good luck!

Is your back feeling any better? Don't push it too hard tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Is your back feeling any better? Don't push it too hard tomorrow.

It's still sore, but not as much. I've been abusing Ibuprophen all day long and used my back massager on it for a while earlier. It should be ok tomorrow. It's 4 hours and I can do that!
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Linda, I'm so happy for you! You've been working toward this day for as long as I've known you! Congratulations!

And many many vibes for a great first day...
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Best of luck
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I'm home!!

My first 4 hours went very well. No light headed episodes, and I had to go and sit down only once for about 3 minutes because my lower back was aching (residual from the other day).

I felt like I had gone home. It was so nice to be back. I met up with some of my former colleagues and got lots of hugs and one even cried when she was hugging me Some knew I was off on disability, others thought I had left, and some just didn't know and had been wondering.

I was supposed to be buddied with the clinical resource nurse today to review policies and such. But one was off today and the other took the day off for her grandson's birthday party. So I was buddied with a nurse.

I thought it was silly for me to just be following her around and watching her, so I did some patient assessments, gave an injection, took out an IV, fixed a pump, set up people to wash and did a bit of charting for the things I had done.

Friday morning there will be some people coming in for surgery, so I'll see if I'm up to starting an IV. It's been more than 4 years but in my head I remember how to do it, so theoretically I should be able too.

I poked around in the medication machine to find my login ID so now I can give medications if necessary. I still need to be orientated to their computer system for patient charting, but I don't see a problem with that. I saw someone using it today and other than requiring a password for me to access it, it looks pretty straight forward.

I can't wait to go back on Friday!!

Since I missed 7.75 hours on Tuesday at the research place, if my back holds up and I feel well, I will stay an hour or 2 longer on the ward on Friday. It just depends on how the day goes.
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How exciting to be back at work for you!!

When I started my part time job last week it was nice as I kind of miss working with people more than I thought. Having conversations with other people than my husband (and the cats) is good!!

Are your feet sore from being on them all day?? Make sure you can relax!!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Are your feet sore from being on them all day?? Make sure you can relax!!
They aren't too bad. I wasn't standing up for the whole 4 hours. We had report, and then I sat to do a bit of charting and to look at what my work rotation will be once I get into the actual position (every 5 weeks I get 6 days off! )

I did wear a different pair of track shoes today, and I didn't put my right foot orthotic into it because the shoe is new and the orthotic didn't fit all that well because the shoe is a slightly different cut. So the foot that I had broken a couple years ago is a bit achy, but not bad. I will have to put the orthotic into it for Friday, or go back to my older shoes until I can get the orthotic refit for the new shoe.
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Linda i'm soo happy for you that all went well
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That's wonderful, Linda! I'm so happy your first day went well!
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That sounds fantstic!
You`l be back into the swing of it in no time
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It was a bit daunting giving my first injection on a human in over 4 years. But over the 4 years I kept reviewing procedures in my head and reading up on medical things in order to keep things fresh. My terminology is a bit rusty, but that will come back soon.

I'm still worried about my ability to assess a patient's deterioration though. Sometimes the symptoms are so subtle that if you aren't on your toes you can easily miss it. And I prided myself on my assessment skills. I really hope I haven't lost those
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