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There's nothing more soothing to me than listening to a cat purring! When Geronimo gets his motor revved up, you can hear him across the room! Maverick purrs all the time, but you can't hear his unless he's right up to your face. I think he's worn his out, after using it for so many years. The other furbies' just have 'medium' purrs - although Jinxy is beginning to rev up her motor more loudly now, too.

Do your cats have loud motors, or little sewing machine purrs?
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all of the above. Pixel & Chip are very loud, Cable & Firefox are quieter - & it's well-nigh impossible to hear Java purr!
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Quill purrs very quietly,and you have to listen for it. But it's there. Perhaps not all of the time, but maybe when we're going to bed he lays down and just revvs it up .... THEN he's happy
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Chynna has the sweetest purr But she is quiet and you only hear her if she's close to you.

Abby on the other hand sounds like a lawn mower! And her purr is adorable! She purrs, and coos and makes a thrill type sound. She even snorts at times!
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My baby, Pepino has the loudest purr Sev purrs when u just say his name, Joey purrs quietly, and I have to work hard to get the others to even purr
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My foster boy Chance purrs at the drop of a hat. Sit him on your lap and his engine starts revving. He's not extremely loud, so he goes the extra mile to make sure I hear it - by sticking his face into my ear and purring straight at my eardrum. What a considerate boy
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i think i posted this before,

i was having a dream once about flying a sailplane, and i kept thinking the motor souned funny, well in the dream i woke up when i thought wait, sailplanes dont have motors,

and one of the cats where laying right next to my ear, purrrring away.
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Zane has a very loud purr. Sometimes it changes timbre with his moods; when it starts sounding metallic, I know that he's about to bite.
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Monster has to be in the mood for lovin's in order for him to purr. He will jump up into your lap and lay for a while, purring away while hes being petted. his purrs are more quiet. Mittens, on the other hand, is always purring. its like she can turn it on and off with a switch. one minute she will be laying there, not purring, but the second you touch her, her motor starts going full force. she has more of a loud purr.
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I had a cat Rascal for 18 years and just lost him earlier this year. His purr was very soft and very hard to hear. Most of the time, the only way I could tell he was purring was by the vibration.

Now I have two new cats Harry and Misty and they both purr louder. I can actually hear it now. It is nice to be able to hear a purr again. I hadn't realized I missed being able to hear it (from earlier cats). I love that sound!
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Brandy has the loudest purr out of all three, both Shark and Arwen have purrs that go from quiet to loud as soon as you stroke them
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Mai Sai has a motor somewhere between the two, I can hear him if he is sitting on the foot of the bed and I'm at the head, but not across the room...
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When my son brought Blossom home when she was 3 weeks old she had the loudest purr for a tiny kitten. Now she hardly purrs at all & it's very hard to hear, I have to put my ear to her tummy & still its hard to hear. Only can fell the slightest vibration. She doesn't know how to meow either only makes a ack sound when she sees birds outside. My oh says she's not a real cat because of it.
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All my boys purr pretty loudly

Interestingly enough, I think Ko's purr is the loudest when he really gets going... But I'd have to hear him and Felix at the same time to really see who has the loudest purr... Maybe I should hold a contest

And Felix meows like that sometimes, too, Kalikat... Mostly he's just high pitched... but sometimes it just an ack, and other times he won't make any sounds at all.... Ko likes to imitate him, almost like he's making fun of it
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oreo is really loud.
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