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Book Club?

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A friend of mine is in an online book club.

I'm not sure exactly how it works but it sparked my interest. I think.. They exchange books via mail.

Starting off with each person getting someone else's name... those two exchanging favorite books and reading them. Once that's done they exchange the books with other people in the book club, until eventually everyoone has read eachother's books.

Then books are returned to rightful owner, and everyone picks new books to exchange.

The only problem with this actual club is that you have to trust the people in the club to return the book etc. They also have a forum where they do reviews on the books. She said she was amazed at how much she learned about her online friends just by reading books that others enjoyed.

I was wondering if any of you guys are interested in starting something like this?
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Hmm...I've seen online book clubs where each person in turn recommends a book and the members get the book (buy it or from a library) and then after reading it, they discuss it...

I know half.com has books for very low prices.
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