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I was just wondering, what goes into foster care? What would you need to make sure you had? how much time do you need to be with them? how long do you usually have the cats?

I love cats, but owning another one right now is not a good idea. Mai Sai (the 7 month old kitten) grew up around other cats and is so playful, I would really like to give him a playmate. However Tess (the 8 year old tabby that belongs to my roommate) won't have anything to do with him. In fact she wont have anything to do with ME for bring him into the house. She doesn't attack him unless he 1) tries to pounce on her tail, 2) tries to eat out of her dish, or 3) gets within the range of her paw (basicly she doesn't mind much as long as he stays far enough away from her). I'm a college student, though I have all my classes on just two days a week, so I am home for the most part 5 days a week studying. I dont have alot of money I'm not sure if this is the best idea. Does anyone have any other ideas that I use to find Mai Sai a playmate? I'm alittle worried he's not going to remain friendly to other cats for much longer unless he gets a friendly cat around (instead of all the grumpy old ones he's met since he was adopted). I know that sounds odd...but its just something going through my head this afternoon....