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Yet another question about showing

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OK – I have been bombarding FerrisCat with questions, so I wanted to try and pick a few other people’s brains. I have come across a problem regarding showing my cat.

Tsekani got enough points to finish his Double Championship at his first ACFA show. I can possibly finish his Grand Championship, as all he needs are 8 breed wins in one more weekend show. There is an ACFA show in Olympia Washington on November 1st and 2nd. If I catch the correct ferries, I can get down there in about 6 hours, but I would need to take both the Friday and the Monday off work to do it.

There are no more ACFA shows after that closer than the Monterey, California, show on January 17th and 18th. After that show, there are no ACFA shows that I can find in the Northwest at all. I understand the need to travel to shows, but Florida and Illinois are just too far for me to go this winter. I am on Vancouver Island in BC.

There is a TICA show on November 7th, 8th, and 9th in Richmond, BC (Vancouver) and I can be there in about 3 hours if I catch the right ferries. This show is likely to be much bigger than either the ACFA show I just attended or the one in Olympia.

Tsekani is CFA registered from birth. I have not finished registering him under ACFA as I was gathering the CFA registration numbers on his pedigree from the breeder. I have ordered his 4 generation pedigree from CFA.

There are no CFA shows closer than Southern Wa., Portland and Ca. before Christmas.

With TICA on the other hand, there are a handful of shows in Southern BC, Alberta, and Northern Washington.

My worrying question is:

Should I accept the Double Championship from ACFA and leave it at that? Concentrate instead on TICA? Accept that his first show was a great learning experience. I’d like to stick with registering any new kittens with CFA as it is a well respected registry and if I do ship any of my kittens they will be well prepared for show careers. But I am wondering if I should double register with TICA and do my showing through them, along with showing CFA when I am able.
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Being cat show crazy myself, I would do both, finish of the Grand for ACFA and do the TICA ones when able.

Since he is a CFA cat, you "owe" a "duty" (not good words, but can't think of any other words right now) to at least grand him in CFA. I am aware that Granding CFA is not as easy due to the lack of shows.

The good thing about doing all these shows is that you'll be able to see eventually, which breed standard you prefer.

In all honesty, if the local cat clubs were nicer, I would be showing both FIFe and CFA!
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I talking about cat shows and Maus, so I don't feel in the least bit bombarded

I agree with the Abymummy, but maybe for slightly different reasons You really do want to grand him in CFA , but you can't afford to let Tsekani rest on his laurels either. You need to keep reinforcing that shows are fun places, so get him out to whatever is in your area.

Not all people show in the same associations, either. You'll network with a wider variety of people by showing in all three. They don't have to be other Mau breeders You might even want to get involved in a local cat club. You just never know who lives around the corner from you and might be able to give advice or assistance in a pinch.
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Personally, I'd take him to the 2nd ACFA show and grand him - all you need is the 8 winners ribbons - you have it seal up

Then go to the TICA shows and grand him; then CFA. You'd have a 3 association grand and that would be worth more.

Spooky was a CFA grand, ACFA quad grand, and unofficial TICA grand
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One last point and it's a bit delicate - think about your finances! Show what you can afford to show first. If that means getting a GC from ACFA first, so be it.

I am not poor but I am also not, by anyone's standards dirty, stinking rich. I still pick and choose my shows - which means, whatever I can get at the quickest possible time - before major hormonal urges kick in and causes the cat(s) to lose condition.

Meanwhile, a cause of concern for you also would be to find a suitable female and quickly!

Again, all this adds up to lots and lots of moolah that needs to be spent.

My main point is this question:

"what is more important to you? Granding or your breeding program?"

Of course you could do both at the same time BUT can you afford to?
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Finances are the biggest concern aren't they! If I were a millionaire I'd go to every show. My difficulty is that I live on an island, and it takes 3 hours and a ferry ($122.80 + gas) just to get to the nearest airport.

The other concern is time off work. Since I'm on an island, I can't leave the morning of a show as the ferries don't run til 6am and then they stop at 10pm.

I can manage to get to Olympia to finish his quad in November, but if he misses a ring then I won't be able to finish him until January in Monterey or July in Winnipeg. Both involve a flight of 3 hours. It's probably a good idea though, so I will plan for an Olympia trip. I'll definitely bring him to the TICA show in mid-November in Vancouver and will look for more TICA shows depending on how well he does. CFA... I may have to wait and see how it goes. There just are no shows within a 3 hour flight radius.

Abymummy, I am actively looking for a Mau female. I actually don't really know the price I will end up paying. Online they are listed between $950 to $2500 for breeding rights. There are different rates for breeders depending on restrictions and co-ownership agreements. If I purchase a breeder female under an agreement to show her in CFA, then I will have to make some travel arrangements.

I don't mind letting you know my situation in order to gather tips on showing. I am single, 38 and make a good salary. I also have 3 dogs and a horse, which limit my availability, although the horse is boarded out. I'm thinking that if I network enough, I can find cat-show people who may be able to combine travel with me, or who can share accomodations at the shows. I find I don't spend a lot of money on food while showing, I eat light and usually just in my room as I am TIRED.
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How to answer?

Ok, taking it very slow... This is what I, myself would do if I were in your position:

1. Grand him in ACFA, making sure he misses no rings by being out of condition or whatever
2. Have a budget of at least US$2500 in store for a new female (right now!)
3. Work whatever contract you can with the other breeder for a female, provided you can live with the restrictions.

You should see my contracts for my US cats - very, very restrictive BUT I am willing to abide by their (my breeders') rules simply because I so desperately Want and need those lines.

4. Actively seek CFA shows (as I said, you "owe a duty" to the breeder), if none is available, register with TICA and get him granded there. Sooner, rather than later. (there are tips on this, but perhaps Ferris has led you in the right direction!)

5. Yes, agenting is a GOOD thing BUT, be very sure you are:
a) Willing to release your cat to someone else
b) Willing to accept the responsibility of showing someone else's cat to the best of your ability.
It's very much a trust thing. It will at the very least, half your show expenses! ( I should know I agent cats on a regular basis!)

Do pm me if you need help - seriously!
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Well, I finally decided to not go to the ACFA show in Olympia Washington, but I am going to the 3 day TICA show on the weekend following the ACFA show. The TICA show is in Vancouver and is the largest of the year.

My reasons:
  • I have an offer on a 2.5 acre property and house and need extra cash for realty fees etc. in the next few weeks.
  • I don't really want to have to work on three different registries long term.
  • I will go to the next ACFA show that is local to me, next Spring sometime, as his points won't expire. Just to finish his GC.
  • I am purchasing a CFA GC female to complement him.
  • I need to save money to go to D.C. this December to meet some Mau breeding friends and pick up my female!
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As long as you get him in the ACFA show before April 30th which is the end of the season, he'd be granded.
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