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cat with IBS

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I have a cat with IBS. She eats z/d from Hill's since a few years. But she still suffers from diarhoa and vomiting. We went to a specialist (internist) and she adviced to try d/d Hill's. I would really like to know what your experieces are with this. Does any one know of alternative options with good results. Every advice is welcome.
(I hope I didn't make to many wrinig mistakes, I am Dutch)

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Hi Wendy! You should talk to your vet before you make any dietary changes, but I can tell you that so far a simple raw diet and grain-free canned has been the only thing that has helped my kitty with her IBD. As far as the raw, you could try offering her a few pieces of chicken breast meat (assuming she has no problems with chicken) and see if she'll take it. If so, just offer this as a treat for a day or two and see how she does with it.

If you don't want to try raw, you could also try a grain-free canned food such as Wellness chicken. A lot of times IBS is about eliminating what causes a reaction in your cat's digestive tract (typically grains, some veggies, certain meats, etc.), so simplifying the food is usually the best start. My vet actually advised a meat-only diet, which is why I started with the raw chicken diet. However, she does fine on the grain-free chicken canned as well.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Tamgirl99 said it all. I have heard nothing but great things about ibs cats being fed a raw food diet. You will need to get a grinder although you can also buy prepared raw diets
here are a few links
These sites shows you how
Here is a link about ibd
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