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Sunday's DT

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HEy everyone, it's Sunday yippee. It's actually my Tuesday. Darrell gets tonight and tomorrow off and that is good news because after I get off work tonight, we have the whole night together. For TWO nights! It's odd but I feel spoiled when we get to spend time together now.

Tomorrow Darrell and I go out to deliver resumes for him. His boss gave him the last straw yesterday "I don't see you going to Evenings anytime in the near future" If he had just said that last year Darrell could be secure in a better job right now, but NOOO this guy has to tease Darrell along with promises of getting to a more "normal" shift, and then he never delivers. It's been a year since the first promise, and that's enough! No more! Even this guy's own bosses are upset with the way he's been treating Darrell and are telling Darrell to give no more than two days notice. Which Darrell has never done.

ok, enough ranting from me. I want a baby kitten, but it's been hard to convince Tigger to let me.

Hope you all have a really good day!
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Happy Easter everyone!Hope everyone has a gerat day,don't eat to much!!I have to get ready to feed 11 people.Ham mashed pototes,yam's with brown sugar.what are you fixing?
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I got a SOLID chocolate bunny, a purple stuffed bunny and a dozen Cadbury Chocolate Creme eggs. Bill was going to hide the eggs and make me hunt for them but Rowdy had other ideas - SHE thought that they were toys and kept grabbing them, to roll around. Ornery cat!

I'm being good - waiting until after breakfast, to bite the ears off.

Happy Easter, everybody! :chicken:
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Happy Easter everyone! My mom's have an Easter/my birthday dinner at her house. Honey Baked ham, yum! Hope everyone has a good day!
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Hippy, hoppy, Easters made it's way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bunny was SOOO good to me.He left diamond earrings (sparkling ever so bright) and Godiva choclates. They are so rich for me, but I am NOT complaining,NAH_HUH!!!!!!

Hope he brought u all super stuff too. Enjoy your dinner, but most important enjoy being together!!!!!
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Happy Easter
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