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all-stages dry food

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Are there any? I know Orijen is one, but I can't get that around here. Are there any others?

Also, are all of the all-stages dry food Grain Free? Or are there some that aren't?

I'd like to feed a half-wet/half-dry diet for my two kitties, one is a year old and one is 4 months). But I am not against moving to mostly, if not all wet, especially if I can't get an all-stages dry food that is of good quality.

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If memory serves all of the current grain free drys are all stage

Many food s with grain are but if you check them % wise to a "adult" they often have a lower protein than the adult
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Wellness core is an all stages dry food and it's grain free. Can you get that around where you live?
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Yep, I can get Core, and it might be one that I give a shot. I was contemplating trying a non-grain free, because the last time I tried the grain-free EVO, I think it was too rich, and caused a lot of diarhea, even though I switched slowly.

They are currently on the regular Wellness, so maybe trying the Core isn't an entirely bad idea.
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Felidae is an all-life stages food -- with grains.
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California Natural Chicken and Rice is kitten and adult.
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I feed my two cats Natural Balance Ultra (not grain-free). It's all-life-stages and it fits my budget.

Natural Balance does make an allergy grain-free formula (the duck based one) that is also all-life-stages I think.
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My impression is that any of the high quality cat foods are "all stages", suitable for any cat except kittens that are still nursing or cats with special dietary needs.

The low quality "adult cat" products don't have the nutrients a growing kitten needs, so the manufacturers distribute a special "kitten" product with added ingredients.
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This is Berry Punch's husband--I work at a pet supply store.

One brand I haven't seen mentioned yet is Merrick's new Before Grain cat food. It comes in three varieties: chicken, tuna, and salmon. We're currently feeding our two six-month-olds the chicken formula. The line also has six canned foods, but they're 100% meat, and therefore supplemental feeding only. (And frankly, one wonders why it wouldn't make more sense to buy human-grade canned tuna for the price.)

But for us, it doesn't make sense not to use Before Grain dry. It's less expensive than a lot the other holistic foods that aren't grain free.
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Does the amount of protien in the food seem to make it more rich, or likely to cause diarrhea? EVO and CORE both have Crude Protein that is (min.) 50.00% which from my recent research seems to be the highest.

In all of the grain-free dry foods suggested here, the Merrick's Before Grain has the lowest -- Crude Protein (min.) 36.00%

Natural Balance Ultra and Felidae are 36 and 32, which are both non-grain-free.

The other grain-free dry that I came across was Fromm's Surf & Turf, which has 38.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone, and any other opinions on the foods I listed are welcome.
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