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What I hate about being overseas

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DH and I are now in Dubai for 3 nights, and we just went for a walk after dinner around the shops near us, and outside one shop was a gorgeous little kitty.

She had a kinked tail, so bad it was almost a z shape, it had obviously been broken/dislocated at some point. We crouched down to pat her, and to our surprise, she immediately got up, rubbed against our legs, and smooched into our hands. She had big ears, gorgeous eyes and an Ocicat look to her.

Her coat was quite coarse and she was pretty skinny, but so laidback. There was so many people walking around, but as we walked away she just went and lay down again against the shop window.

It broke my heart. Such a beautiful, sweet cat, and nobody to properly take care of her. I was trying to quickly figure out if I could get her into a box, and try to get her to a local cat rescue group but the logistics would have been too hard since we are staying in a hotel and would have no way of keeping her until we found someone. I even considered bringing her back to the US (she really had an impact on me), but I realised that would be near impossible not knowing her health, once again not being able to keep her in a hotel room, and probably very expensive!

If I was home, I'd have a cat crate in the car, and would be able to scoop her up and take her to the shelter to get adopted.

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Aww Sarah I'm so sorry you couldn't do as much as you would have liked for this one.

I'm sure she knew what a sweet person you were though -showing affection towards you and all. She sounds like a sweet cat. I hope someone comes along soon and helps her.
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Aww, poor little thing..I remember a stray dog I met when I was over in England a few years ago. He was so sweet, I fed him a baked potato (it was all I had in the car).
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Just as we've always known: for all its troubles, your heart is in the right place.
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I was in Lanzarote a few years ago which had a lot of strays and ferals Their was quite a few on the complex and i bought food daily for them and left it under the bushes where they hid. One of them had a kinked tail just like the one you saw but she was so affectionate. She would wander in the apartment with us for her daily feed, have a wash then ask to be let back outside. It's very heartbreaking
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Geesh, that would break my heart too.
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I saw 3 more kitties today. One was young with big nipples, so obviously had kittens recently, one was heavily pregnant, and the last one was about 5 months old which we stopped to give a pat. She was rubbing against a mans shoe who was standing outside his shop. I wasn't sure if he was about to kick it (you never know in culture's different to ours), so I made it clear that I thought he should be nice to her. I said hi and she rubbed against me purring, so I picked her up, and gave her a big cuddle, and she purred the whole time - so adorable!!!! Then as we walked off, she tried to follow, so the man clicked his tongue and she ran back to him, and rubbed against him, so she obviously thought he was ok

All the cats I've seen have had the same sort of head as a Sphynx - same eyes, same ears, but they've had a coat on them - a very thin, fine coat, but not like a Sphynx, just a thin coat to help them deal with the heat. All gorgeous and friendly, but not in the best condition. So I guess they're at least being cared for since they're not scared of people.
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You're in DUBAI!!! Oh my god that's awesome!!!!

Poor kitty! That would be sad to think you couldn't help her unless she was in the states Maybe someone else from that area will pick her up you never know!
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