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Drinking water from faucet

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I am one of those that does not use a cup by the sink to rinse after brushing, so I bend over and take it from the faucet. Unfortunately, my cat seen me do this and it started from there. It was cute at first. My male cat was doing it too and then his sister wanted in on it, but it took her awhile to figure it out. She kept getting water in her nose, shaking her head and walking off or standing back with this look as if to say, "How does he do that?" Well, she finally figured it out. The problem is that she must think that it will taste different if every faucet. We have the double sinks in our bathroom. She'll drink from the one and then walk off to the other sink to try that one. I'll be doing my hair or whatever and just go along with it, but then she jumps in the tub and says,"Meow" which is off course, "Hey, turn this one on too". We don't really mind it. We just don't understand it. Any ideas? She has another problem too, but I'd rather take it one at a time.
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A lot of cats like to drink from the faucet--cats tend to like fresh water and water with a current or that is moving for some reason.

You might look into a pet fountain. I know drinkwell makes one and another brand. Pop into the care and grooming forum--lets of threads about the fountains.

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I have two kinds of fountains, a Drinkwell and a bubble fountain. One cat loves both but still drinks from the sinks, and yes she does try them all. She hasn't figured out the tub yet. The fountains have to be at least wiped out and have fresh water daily or they don't like them, they like fresh running water. My dogs drink out of the bubble too so it gets slimy and foamy easier which turns the cats off.
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Yep, we tried that too. My husband was a little ill. He picked one out for our cats and it wasn't exactly cheap, but still the one likes the faucets. The only reason she found out about the tub is because the bathroom is her sanctuary and she has to be in there if anyone showers or gets in the tub. What was really funny was when her and her brother found out that tubs hold water. It was during the first few days that we had them. Both of them were running wildly and both went flying through the air to land in the tub. I've never seen any animal move so fast. They did a flip in the air and started flying in the opposite direction. Only their toes were wet and I don't know why. They should have been soaked. It was hilarious!
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All cats have their unique little things that they do. Sport WILL NOT eat unless his food bowls are on his placemat. He must see that we eat with them, and he has always had one...but if it is in the wash, and his bowls are just on the floor, he will not eat or drink.

Rob & Sport
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I didn't want to put out the money for a fountain, so got a bubbler instead. My cats did like it, although I think they may have been playing with the bubbles more than drinking the water. One day I noticed that there were no bubbles. Checked the soft plastic tube that runs from the compressor to the water dish. You guessed it. Cat-tooth-sized holes! Fortunately, the holes were all near one end of the tubing. I cut that part off, packed up the bubbler, and am trying to find somebody to whom I can give/sell it.
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My Lani loves to have her belly rubbed but HATES to be caught. If we are anywhere near the bathroom she runs and jumps in the tub and flops over for a belly rub. I can't figure out why she thinks it is okay to get caught in the tub. One day I had the tub half full and she ran and jumped in, I didn't know that cat could jump that high, straight up I thought that would cure her but nope, that is still where she goes for a belly rub.
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