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YAY! They're okay, awake and neutered!!!

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Cat and George were neutered today! The vet just called to say that they were just waking up and were doing great!!!

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Excellent!! Lots of healing coming over for them
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That is great!!!
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aww bless them its a worry when they under anasthetic isnt it
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I was so stressed leaving them there. I lost a kitten during a spay when I was growing up and it just crushed me. That kitten was my little sidekick. So, now of course, anytime I have an animal under I get so incredibly nervous. I was near tears when she called to say they were waking up. CAT is... I can't describe it even. I've never been a "cat person" the way I am a dog person, but CAT is something else. I've never imagined being so attached to a kitty before. I can't imagine life without him.

Don't get me wrong, I love George with all my heart, but it's different with CAT. George would rather sleep 23 1/2 hours a day and then eat the other 1/2 hour than bother with people. CAT would rather be on ME 23 1/2 hours a day, sleeping, playing and just being and eating the other 1/2 hour.
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Well the boys are home now. They are acting like it never even happened. I feel so bad. The vet is a great vet, but any surgery looks bad. I see their little butts and feel guilty. I just can't wait till it's completely healed so things can be normal for them again. I know they needed it done, but you can't help but feel guilty, can you?
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Thats awesome!!!!!!!!! Good for you and hope they get continue to do well!!!!
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I am glad they are fine. I have never had problems when a male was fixed but have with females and I will be very scred when my Sphynx I am getting gets done which will be soon.
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Pumpkin was neutered yesterday also. I was going to start a thread.....what can I expect? Do their personalities change? I was nervous too..I have to give him antibiotics 2x day. My vet said he was a trooper and a very good patient

I'm glad your cats are OK.
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When they're neutered as kittens you won't notice any personality difference at all. The differences it makes in an adult cat are all positive. A neutered cat isn't as territorial and isn't nearly as likely to start marking territory with spraying.
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I am so glad you posted this. My two are getting neutered in 2 weeks and I have to leave them overnight too. I am so nervous.
I am so happy that yours are ok
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