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One Behavior Problem Solved

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One of my cats used to scratch on the door like she wanted to go outside. It can get really irritating when you're watching your favorite tv show. When we would open the door to let her out, she would walk off. It got old quick and I was really getting mad about it. Finally, after months of this, I just watched her and really made an effort to see why she was walking off. I discovered she was actually leading me to the kitchen to the cabinet door that stores the treats. Now, everytime she doesn't go outside when she scratches the door, she actually leads us to the kitchen. I guess that was the only way for her to get our attention. I just thought it was very interesting and wanted to share this.
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And they say animals are dumb, well i beg to differ! What a clever little girl you have there
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I'm just thankful that I was clever enough to figure it out.
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I'm still trying to figure out why Jack does it?. He's stopped doing it since i started clipping his claws, but now he does it on the duvet, but i think it's something to do with him putting his scent on like some have mentioned?

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Hahaha, mine does that, he makes it seem like he wants to go out so that one of us gets up and then he wanders off into the kitchen Leading us to what he wants. He kneeds the duvet too when we are in bed and purrs away. I heard that it is a security thing, i think that they would do it with there mums when they were kittens, how cute
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