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Hurricane Ike and my cats

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I have had no power for 12 days and I'm worried that my two cats are suffering. They seem okay but their water bowl isn't ever empty. They are used to drinking from a Drinkwell fountain so maybe they are just being picky? They eat and sleep and it's not that hot or humid but I'm still worried. Kitties can't complain (and often don't) so hard to tell if they need help. Any tips? My vet is w/o power as well or I would take them.
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Are they eating wet or dry?

Hennessy doesn't drink much that I note....

Just make sure the water is as fresh as you can, that will entice them more.
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From your post I don't see anything to worry about especially if they are eating wet. Once when I was a kid the a/c was out at my moms' house in the summer. It was horribly hot especially upstairs. I went upstairs to check on the kitties and guess where they were? Laying in the sun coming through a window!

If they are eating dry, exactly how much water are they drinking? You can determine this by measuring how much you put in the bowl and then measure how much is left after 24 hrs. If you don't think they are getting enough water, give them some wet food.

Where are you located? I'm in Houston and it's slow going getting the power restored to everyone. I was one of the lucky few who never lost my power.
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I'm at Gessner and Briar Forest. Out 0f 69 buuildings in our comolex, 20 are out and I'm one of them. It seems everyone around us for miles has power but we do not. No word on why or when to expect it fixed. Very frustrating but I'm not the only one in this predicament. I'm doing okay but my kitties must be miserable. I have checked the water and it looks like they just aren't drinking any at all. I did feed them some wet food but they aren't used to it. Guess I'll continue to do that even with the poop problem that usually causes. Thanks for the support. I was relieved with your words.
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When you give them wet food next time, add some water to it to make sure they're getting enough. At this time, getting water into them is more important than the poo problem. You can try chicken broth too (no garlic/onion). Or how about running the faucet a bit for them to mimick the Drinkwell? I hope your power is restored soon!
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I'm sure your kitties are okay. As long as they're eating & drinking the way they should and aren't showing any signs of illness, I wouldn't worry too much.

It was over 100 degrees after Hurricane Rita blew through in '05, and I was all worried that my babies wouldn't survive in that heat b/c we were w/o power then for over five days. But they survived just fine.

I hope you get your power back on again soon! We were w/o it for five days from Ike, so I know how you feel.
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I'm sure the heat isn't bothering them. We have power and keep our house cool (78º), but they prefer to be out in our enclosed sunroom where the temp gets extremely warm! We have to close it off to them in the heat of the summer and they hate it!

As for getting them water, you might try letting it drip/slow run in the bathtub or in the sink in the bathroom. The sound of the running water might invite them to drink.

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