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The Daily Thread Tues. Sept 23rd 2008

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Hello All,
Its another sunny, but coolish/damp start to the day. High of about 80F and windy!! Not your typical fall temps in Wisconsin.

Going to do some more painting before work. We started grid 6 of 9 of the family room ceiling. Should be able to finish that one up tomorrow. The remaining ones need other work done before we can continue such as moving some electrical wires and putting up blocking but slowly we are getting there.

Not much else going one. Bakker finally settled down this morning as he sure likes to annoy Grizzlie.

Thats all for today-have a good day!!
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Good morning!

It's another sunny day here too.

I'm off to school to teach this morning. This is my third week teaching and so far so good. Today my students have to hand in their first essay and I am not allowed to accept any late essays (without a valid, documented excuse) so I really hope no one will make a fuss about it.

After that, I will do some reading and/or start grading the essays. I will have around 30 essays to grade so it's going to be a long week!

Now I'm off to finish prepare for class and eat my breakfast.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning All!!!!

Sunny and cool here today.

Up very early this morning as they are starting roofing my building this morning. They are calling for 3 days of nice weather so the contractor is in a rush to get it done.
I am happy because I am getting an extended deck out of the deal, my deck now covers about half of the house extension that's part of the second floor, it will now cover the whole thing. I live in the attic space of the main part of the house that was converted to a loft..and now the deck is bigger then my whole apartment.

Heading off to work shortly, another day of sorting files and paperwork. Since I will be finished my job in just a little over two weeks I will be spending a lot of time with my replacement Kerry preparing him for the transition..

I am very much looking forward to becoming a lady of leisure for awhile.

The kitties are good today, Pixie and Linus are tearing around the house like little banshees and Sassy is giving them his stoic knock it off you brats look..

Everyone have a great day
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Nice sunny autumn day here. Going to be in the mid 60s and sun..I'm going to go shopping today for a new bureau for my grand daughter.We going to a un finished furniture store and pick one out. It will be a nice ride in the country and the leaves are starting to get their fall colors.
On the way back we are going to stop at a apple orchard and pick a few bags of apples. Apple pie tonight yummy!
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I'm marking today in the calendar- sunny day for us all, even me!! Though it was cold again, low 40s, it was a nice change of pace to be able to see the sunrise!

We got a new foster, Sam, last night, and contrary to popular belief, he did not get along with Cronos. So, he's locked in the bathroom. Not a good place for a kitty with me being so allergic!! So today, he either finds some way to co-exist with Cronos, or he goes some where else. He's really sweet with people, though, so I hope he can stay! They both need friends, and they're close in age and would be perfect... Sam has funny hips, and wobbles a lot and has problems jumping, but he's a cutie!

So Evie was super cuddly this morning, starting at 4:30. Probably trying to suck up so I get rid of the other cats! I didn't see Cronos at all, as "daddy" spent the time with him, and I was in with Sam. But Sam sure was lovey!!

That's about it for me today, extreme kitty introductions... Wish me luck!!

Have a good day!
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