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Sick Kitten

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we have an 8 week old kitten. we got her last Monday & to start with, she was a live-wire...always running about, a little bundle of fun! Yesterday morning however, her mood took a turn for the worse - she started being sick, and sat staring into space! we took her to a vet, who checked her over - he gave her some fluid injections & we have some 'Pro-Kolin' to give her...think it is used to settle her stomach! he told us to take her back today if she got any worse...

since getting her home, she has been sick twice - won't eat or drink anything, only been to the toilet twice & only wants to sit quietly on her own (again, staring into space)! we also cannot get her to take the Pro-Kolin...the only time she shows any energy!

any advice?
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Where did you get her from?
She is to young to be away from her mom.
You will need to go to the vet again.
I do not want to scare you but my Meeko got very sick at 12 weeks and amost died.
Her sister died.
There are alot of things kittens can get.
Just to let you know Meeko is 8 now and fine.
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I also think it is important to get back to the vet. I know kittens that young can get dehydrated and they will go down hill fast. Complications will occur that will be hard to reverse. Better to be cautious and get to the vet. Kittens will not survive long without liquids or food. Hope things get better.
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