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I wrote the other breeder

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He answers my email really fast. I am finding out about the shipping and everything.
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Good luck, I hope it works out this time.

Is this the breeder Nial referred you to?
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Yes he is.
He also gave me his phone number.
I have been emailing him all night.
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Sounds promising then
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Yep and some were born on Aug 1 which was Stormys Bday.
The other Aug 6th which is my Dads Bday.
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I'm so happy that you're going to be able to find the kitten of your dreams. It's wonderful that your last experience didn't sour you from the breed. . . your patience has been rewarded!
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Fingers crossed that it all works out, and you bring your new baby home soon!
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Hope everything goes smoothly and you have your new baby soon
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I can not wait to hve my kitten.
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