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What is his behavior supposed to be?

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I have a two year old seal-point siamese mix, we adopted him in may when he was 1 and a half years old, and now he's two.

He is really hyper in the sense that his brain is 90% play, 5% eat, and 5% sleep. It's almost irritating how he wont settle down long enough to get some good 'lovin. All he wants to do is play, and there isn't a minute where he isnt either laying on his favorite toy (which is the stick end- not the feathers- of one of those feather stick things) or begging for someone to get it out of the cabinet. he's very adventurous and curious like a kitten. he's always getting into things. I don't know what to do. When is he going to settle down? Aren't cats pretty much calm and relaxed at this point in their lives?

How did your cat act at age 2? Is mine normal?
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If he truly is part Siamese (being a seal point cat does not mean he is a Siamese mix) then they are very active cats and stay that way throughout most of their lives. However they are also extremely loving and affectionate, if he isn't then that part of him is not from any Siamese heritage he may have. Such is the nature of crossbreeds, you don't always end up with the personality traits you may prefer

I have a Cornish Rex cross (I met his mum who is purebred Cornish Rex) and 2 purebred Oriental Shorthairs (the same as Siamese but in different colours) and they show very little sign of EVER slowing down. Mad as a box of frogs the lot of them. It's very entertaining though And I do get a lot of cuddles in between the mayhem.
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I can only say that our 2 Siamese love to play but do calm down. They spend a great deal of time chasing each other and playing together so perhaps having the two of them takes the onus off us for playing all the time. As I was just posting in another area, my hubby tied a catnip mouse to a fishing pole so when Bijou want to play more than we do, we sit in our chair watching our favourite TV show and practice our casting for him. He'll fetch it and bring it back for more.
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At two he's still at the end of adolescence. You may see him quiet down some in the coming years as he becomes a mature cat. But he'll probably still be active and playful; it sounds like that's his personality.
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