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Flower And Mia

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So Sometime in July i noticed 2 new cats in our neighborhood. A very freindly Black orange and white cat i have dubbed Flower because she looks like a skunk, and Mia, a dark stripped tabby. I started noticing that they seemed to stay together but didn't like each other close up. In general they stay around the same house at the same time, see them laying 10 feet apart on the side walk that kinda thing. Mia is a bit more skiddish and Flower is very loving. I started putting food out when they came around and then it just became a 2-3 time a day i am putting food out. Ofcourse now there are atleast 6 strays i know of. Flower i have been litting come in the house once in a while. and now i think she may be pregnant which means i am going to try to take her to the vet and make sure everything is ok. With letting her come in i want to make sure mycats will be ok too. Although she doesn't like them at all. she hasn't gotten close to them at all just meows and growls. they usually just walk again and she goes back to sleep.

I did find out that the people 2 houses down were the owners of Flower and Mia. (they call flower cuddles) Now a couple weeks ago the kids downstairs came knocking on my door to tell me there was kitties on the roof at the house with these cats. there was 3 more cats. 2 kittens and an adult. I have these kittens now hanging out too. I hear rumors that they are both in jail. i don't really know.

ANYWAYS. what i am actually writing about is Mia. I noticed today that she has a gaping wound by her..... Vagina. I kinda tried to look but she was not happy with me getting anywhere near it so i waited to she laid down to clean herself. It looks clean no infections or anything. But i am wondering if I should be worried. Like what would cause something like this. I really doubt it is a fight wound. just looks to strange. I am going to see if tomorrow i can get a picture of it. but any ideas.
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Wow, that sounds awful. I have not seen anything like you described. I guess it could be most anything. An injury during mating, injury left after giving birth that's not healed. That sounds like a difficult situation.

Do you have plans to trap them and get them vet care and spayed or neutered. They are legitimately abandoned and if they come on your property couldn't they be considered strays.

I hope someone can offer helpful advice. Keep us updated and good luck getting the baby some medical help.
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unfortunatly i can't afford to catch and alter all these cats. I really wish i could but money is tight. I have noticed they are all girls so far and only one appears to have possible pregnancy. But in total there are 2 i know for sure are strays because she told me they lived outside and when they moved here they brought them with them. Which is Mia and Flower. the other 2 may still belong down the block, i am not really sure what went on there it is a like 4 apartment house and they could have gotten a new car sinice the door was falling off the one they hand... among other things. I live in a small city and the Humane Socity is small and never accepting pets because they have so many and can't get rid of them. and animal control will kill them in 7 days if no one claims them.
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I understand. There are some here that have had similar situations. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions.

This is a link to Alley Cat Allies http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity...=444&srcid=379 . They will email you a list of people/groups close to your area that might offer help. I sought resources there last year and met wonderful people in a nearby town that helped. Then I started rescuing to trap/neuter/return on my own. Thank you for caring. More people like you are needed. Hang in there and keep looking for help.
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Thanks for the site. I did join and i am waiting for a responce. Today I took Flower to the vet. Everything is good! she is now sleeping on my roomates bed. All the cats were treated with revolution today too. The Vet said about 2 weeks til we have kittens. Not sure i am ready for this but it should be fun. Well not fun but... fun! after that we will have some Christmas kittens to give to new homes. we are going to try to keep her in the house til they come. I am not to sure she will go in a litter box. Or be nice to my kitties. I know we are going to make her a nest for kitten time. Were i can shut the door and she can haver her own room. Other then that Mia is healing just fine. Everything seems ok. I guess i will be seeing yall on kitten forum soon!
Here are some pictures of Pretty Flower.

Couple days after she showed up.

Sleeping in the tree next to my porch.

Just now relaxing after the vet visit.
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