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We're in the Newspaper!

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Can I show off to you guys? I've been in the newspaper many times before, but other than the day I was born, I never had a real, full sized article just about me!

Because I keep going back to my hometown and family from when I was an exchange student, and even had a "second wedding" there, the newspaper noticed, and interviewed me and ran an article!

I know it's in Japanese, and really small, so I don't expect most people will be able to read it, but isn't this exciting?

Ok, so we're on page 13, but it's a large newspaper, so that's not bad! It's my host dad, my real dad, me, my husband, and my host mom.
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Congrats. but what I find fasinating and interesting is how the paper is written in Japanese I'm assuming the "headlines" are the Japanese symbols in the largest print?
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Thats nice Janet.
Do you know how to raed and speak Japanese?
My Sister needs Joy written in Japanese.
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Wow, awesome!!
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That's wonderful! How proud your host family must be! Congratulations!
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Aw cool , laminate a copy and keep it safe , some thing to show in the future
Jess x
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That's a real honour. Congratulations!
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Wow that looks great! So exciting!
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