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Truck vs Curve..Accident I saw today

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So about 5pm this afternoon I was up at the store next door talking to some friends. I was getting ready to walk back over to the house (a one min. or less walk), when I heard this awful sound. It was not the sound of brakes but the sound of tires screaking on the road. It is very hard to explain. As I look up I see a semi flip that was loaded with timber. 2 people took off in their cars to block oncoming traffic and check the driver. I was left to call 9-1-1. The semi flipped into a deep ditch and the timber was thrown all into the woods. The driver was ok he had some lacerations to the head but was out and about by the time the two first guys showed up.

Me on the other hand I about passed out while I was on the phone with 9-1-1. I guess it was the shock of everything, adrenaline, thinking the driver died etc. Two times my knees buckled and I had to grab the person closest to me to keep from going down and I was shaking so badly. I ran home and grabbed my camera (I told you I lived close) and took a few pictures. I made it back before the cops ever showed up. Here are the pictures.

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Glad no one was seriously hurt.

Sounds like his load wasn't evenly distributed and he may have taken the curve a bit too fast throwing everything off balance thus tipping him over.
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The driver was very lucky he didn't end up with serious head injuries or worse.
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OK, some comments as a truck driver.

First of all, log haulers are often not your better drivers. The nature of the business tends to make them work too long and not take good care of their equipment. Also, they are often inexperienced at driving.

It's very easy to roll a truck over. They are very top-heavy, since the load is usually well above the tops of the tires.

There are two types of accidents likely to kill a truck driver. First and foremost is the rollover, and the second is running into something heavy and high, like the back of another trailer.

A truck driver is 18 times more likely to be killed on the job than a policeman.

A truck accident, as you experienced, is very big, even if it's "minor." The good news is that generally, truck drivers are better drivers than most. The bad news is that any accident they have tends to be very serious.
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Wow that must have been a scary thing to witness. Glad to hear that everyone was okay though.
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