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Miss Molly

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Miss Molly wasn't a exactly a TCS kitty, but she has some close ties and it seems fitting to remember her here. Molly, a beautiful calico girl who recently passed away, was mama to Apollo and Aphrodite (RIP ) who were adopted as kittens last year by our very own Katiemae1277. Molly was an abandoned pet who had the courage and smarts to bring her babies to the home of the woman I petsit for. This kind woman had Molly spayed, vaccinated and was devastated when she test postive for FeLV, along with her babies. Molly ended up in the care of a wonderful local rescue that specializes in FeLV and FIV+ kitties. I heard from a volunteer that Molly charmed her way into the hearts of everyone at the shelter with her sweet and gentle nature. It saddened many hearts when she lost her battle with FeLV. Her time here was too short, but she was loved. Miss Molly has now been reunited with her baby girl, Dite, and I have no doubt, mother and daughter are happily cuddling and playing together.
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So sorry about Molly.
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Oh that us just so sad. Play happily with your baby girl now Miss Molly.

May She Rest In Peace
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sorry to hear that Miss Molly lost her fight... but nice to know that's she's been reunited w/Dite.
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I'm so sorry that Miss Molly lost her fight. I'm sure she's happy with her baby girl, though!
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So sorry for you loss, Eileen. RIP Miss Molly,

D & D's human
RIP Sweet Lady
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I'm so sorry for the loss of Molly. Sounds like she was a wonderful cat. RIP Angel Molly
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Oh bless her heart Molly's with her baby again though which is lovely

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That poor sweet girl. May she rest in peace with her daughter Aphrodite
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RIP Molly
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poor baby. what a brave girl she must have been.

RIP molly, we know you are reunited with your sweet daughter again.
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Awwwww RIP Sweet Molly
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That breaks my heart.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Molly.
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Rest In Peace Molly
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Molly.
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RIP Molly, thanks to you I got 2 very beautiful babies and lots of experience in semi-ferals. I'm sure Dite will be very happy to see you
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Enjoy your reward over Rainbow Bridge, dear Molly And thank you for giving so much joy to the people who entered your life here on Earth
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