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Inexpensive meal ideas

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Any of you guys have any inexpensive meal ideas, perhaps something that you can eat on for a few days and not get sick of? The only one I can think of right now that I actually like that I have is a pork jambalaya recipe from a cajun cookbook we have here (the boyfriend is cajun and his grandmother gave him the cookbook) I don't actually get sick of this one recipe after a few days. If anyone would like the recipe let me know!
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I would say cook a chicken and use the leftovers for other meals like chicken sandwiches or chicken and cheese quesadilla or chicken enchiladas or even a creamy chicken and pasta dish.

Atually another tcs member gave me this idea.
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I like to cook up a big frying pan of vegetables in olive oil, garlic. The veggies can range from frozen to fresh and be combined whatever is handy ofr abundant, onion is always a plus. After the veggies are half cooked I add boneless skinless chicken breast cut up, flavored with chili pwder and a little salt, squeeze in some lemon juice, and when that is cooked through, put it over pasta or rice. One or two chicken breasts will get you 4 or 5 meals. Delish, plus you can improvise. add grated cheese, or fresh herbs, have pasta or not.
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Make a beef roast in the crock pot. Shred for hot beef sandwiches or if you don't want sandwiches serve over potatoes or rice.
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A big ole pot of chili can be split up and eaten for ages, which means it's really not that expensive per day. (It's even cheaper if you leave out the meat, but that's up to you!)

I also like cream of mushroom (or chicken, whatever floats your boat) soup and rice with chicken... also good to divide up.

But what you can eat over and over is a personal taste. I can eat the rice and chicken every meal for a week, I like it that much. It's like pulling teeth to get my roommate to even try some.
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We ended up having rice and gravy last night (it's a cajun dish and most cajun food is cheap). You basically get a roast (beef or pork), cook it in the pan and then make a gravy out of the pieces that were stuck to the pan and add in onion, garlic, and bell pepper (celery if you want) then cut up the roast and spoon the gravy over rice (I think he added in some beef broth). I've never made it before, the boyfriend always does, so that's probably not exactly how you make it, but you get the idea.

Another cajun thing he likes to make is chicken and sausage gumbo, but I can only eat on it about two or three days before I'm sick of it. At least it freezes well so we can always freeze it for later and then just make some rice to put in it. It's kind of too warm for that right now, that and chili, but I do love chili. I can eat on chili for days.
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I like lasagna (which can be made with or without meat), or just about any type of casserole except tuna. I do like tuna casserole, but it gets old really fast. Anyway, if I have the time I will make several things at one time, divide them into individual servings, and freeze them. That way I can rotate through and have a variety instead of eating the same thing for five or six days in a row. It works well for taking my lunch to work, too.
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I make a huge pot of Green chili!!!!! You can do lots of variations with Green chili!!!! Smothered burritos, put over eggs, Mexican Steak etc..... There is nothing like a bowl of Green Chili with tortillas!!!!! My green chili goes fast when I make it!!!!! Yummy! Now I am having a craving.....
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