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Getting frustrated with myself.

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As some of you may know I'm in the process of doing my internship for my Masters in Community Counseling. My supervisor and I are working on what kind of counselor I want to be. I'm struggling to find an answer to this question. It seems like it should be so easy, but it's not. I know that the things that are most difficult are the things that produce the most growth, but I'm just getting frustrated with myself. I feel like I should have some perfect answer, but I don't. Sometimes I'll sit and think about it and my brain will just shut off. I am getting frustrated, and I am afraid that my inability to answer a simple question will affect his evaluation of me.
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Sounds like the pressure is getting to you. Maybe if you discuss your fears, and the fact that you might not be sure at this time. It depends on what your life experience is. I mean if your parents were raging alcoholics, you might want to be drug and alcohol counselor, or not. You don't have to have all the answers right now. I don't know yet, is perfectly acceptable.
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donĀ“t give up my friend!...
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Aw... Hang in there! That's a huge decision, it's no wonder you don't just want to jump in to something. Don't get frustrated, that only makes things worse!

My thought would be, can you take a short break? Either a weekend away, or just an evening. Don't think about it at all! Not even a second! Just enjoy yourself, refresh a bit. Then, when you get back, you can take it up with a fresh, un-frustrated point of view!
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Sit down and make a list of all of the different areas that you can be counseling in.

Then take a look at each one in more depth and rate it 1 to 5 by way of your interest. 5 being the highest.

That being said, I would think he's probably asking you a trick question. I have been to psychologists and I know several through my work. The job isn't really area specific. As a counselor you see and talk to a variety of people with a variety of issues, so how can you categorize that? Someone may come to see you for drug addiction, only to end up being counseled for having been an abused child.

You may say you want to counsel rape victims, but in the end you end up counseling them for a variety of their issues.
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