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What do I do? Kittens!

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Okay. I knew that my cat was pregnant, and I knew that she should be giving birth any day now, because she conceived around mid-Februrary. I was prepared for the kittens, ready to help my cat out when they were coming, but they happened to come on the one day that I was gone all day! I was at a baby shower from 1:00PM - 4:00PM and before I left, Lucy was still pregnant. After I got home, I left almost immediately for Target and the grocery store. I was sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor putting together my son's Easter basket when Lucy came out from under the bed, skinny again! I thought, "OMG! Where did she have them and when?" She was not acting strange in the least bit today, she never cried out or gave any signs that she was ready to have her babies. I have a laundry bastket setup for her that I wanted her to have her kittens in, but she didn't.

So now, what do I do? Do I leave them under the bed, or should I move them to the box? My cat is doing wonderfully with them, but I am not sure if I should move them out from under there or not.

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You should move them out into a box. It's alot warmer in a box, than it is under a bed. You should wear rubber gloves so momma does'nt reject them when you put them in the new nest. Momma might be very protective of her babies so be careful!
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She is actually very affectionate towards me! I will move them out from under there, thanks! I was hoping for a quick response, I am very overwhelmed right now because I was not expecting this in the least bit today!
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Well that didn't really work

She's just taking them out of the box and back over to the place where she had them

Should I try something enclosed, or just leave them be? She is still doing wonderfully with them and she isn't acting aggressive or anything towards me, she's been very sweet but she obviously wants them under the bed where she had them.
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I would leave them be. I would put pillows or something under there to keep some of the drafts from hitting the kittens, but for right now, if that is where she wants them, then let the family be. You don't want to put anything under there that the kittens will be able to crawl into and perhaps suffocate- like blankets that they could get into the fold of. Even just sectioning off cardboard boxes and putting the flaps of cardboard under there would work.
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I was able to get a blanket down there that they are laying on, it just seems like the carpet is not the greatest place for them to be. It's folded up and there's really no place they can get caught at. I tried it putting a blanket down last night and moved them all onto it, but when I woke up this morning she had moved them all back off the blanket and right next to it!

This morning, though, Lucy had a bite to eat and then began making herself comfortable on the blanket with the kittens sleeping right next to it, and I moved them over next to her and they've been laying there happily ever since.

I don't care so much that they are there under the bed or about them not being in a box where I can easily keep an eye on them, but rather that they are under my bed and that my box spring and mattress are all pulled off!

I've got plenty of unused pillows and I'll put a few around them, thanks for the tip
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aww what a beautiful family! You might want to put a blanket over your frame so they have some more warmth. I would secure the blanket with clothespins so it doesn't fall on top of them, but even with mom so close, you need to keep the family free from drafts.
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Awwww Cute Family.. As a Breeder I would say the conditions look puurfect, Well Done .. Sam
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I think the conditions are even better now, because I have my bed back!! I don't think my fiance enjoyed sleeping with the mattress in the middle of the floor last night I ended up leaving it almost exactly how it is in my photo, only I pulled the frame away from the wall about a foot and a half so that I could put the box spring and mattress back on. So it's just like the whole bed was pulled away from the wall a little bit. I definitely think that Lucy is enjoying the privacy - even during the day it's fairly dark there, and with a small space heater running 3 or 4 feet away it's nice and toasty warm.
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What a perfect little family! Clever girl.
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