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An update and question

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Hi again. If you remember the thread about my cat's litter of kittens, we kept the one which was tilting it's head - which she no longer does. We named her Taz because she runs around like a nut. The old thread is

Anyway, the mother cat must be a (fill in the blank) because she gave birth to a new litter last week - she is an in/out side cat. Hopefully I will remember to keep you posted on the 4 little ones.

The kitten (Taz) is now ~6 months old and is doing great. She does something that is rather annoying, though. In the middle of the night, she will climb on the bed and lick my nose (which I wouldn't mind if I wasn't asleep). She purrs like crazy and then does something I am not sure what is. She will act like she is marching, usually on my arm/shoulder, with her front paws. It actually could be viewed as a massage except for the claws. It doesn't seem that she intentionally is clawing, but rather, that is just a side effect.

I would think this, like purring, would be a sign that she is happy???

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First question - why was mom cat NOT spayed after the Taz litter?

As far as purring - its usually a sign of happy/contentment. However some cats in extreme pain will purr. But in general it means happy
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If you can keep her around long enough. She disappears for days/weeks at a time. Like I said, she is an in/out door cat. She was actually a stray we started feeding because she looked skinny.

The purring is normal - she does it a lot. But, what is with the marching type of thing???

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That's called "kneeding" - it also means happy/content. If you notice a litter of kittens will do this to mom cat to help stimulate the milk flow

Next time mom cat comes in, maybe keep her in a room and get her to the vet and get spayed - after spaying then it doesn't matter as much being outside. She will continue litter after litter till her health suffers.

Call the vet and set up an appointment maybe a week in advance and try to catch mom cat a day or two ahead of time.
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Ahhh. Like kneeding bread dough. It's weird though that she only does it to me and only when I am half asleep (she wakes me up first).

She does other cool things, too. When I am sitting at my computer in my robe, she will climb on my lap and squirm into the open part of the robe (just above the tie string) and sleep for hours. I can walk around with her in there and get a cup of coffee or whatever and she just looks around. Then, as soon as I sit back down at the puter, she goes back to sleep Kinda like a marsupial's pouch I guess.

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Yes, please... get her fixed. And yes, kittens... cats, too... like small enclosed warm places.
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That is a "self-comforting" activity, much like purring itself.

If she's six months old, she need to be spayed ASAP if you don't want her licking your nose to announce she's ready to have kittens on your bed!
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Thanks to all. When I found out what it was called I looked it up in wiki.

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