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How does your cat tell you they want love?

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I was wondering last night how different cats let their owners know they want love?

Personally my cat makes his feeling very clear. If I am on the computer he will sit behind it and attack the computer, either clawing at it (I have a laptop) or biting on the top. If I'm up and about he will start clawing at my leg (as if with a scratching post, so why he can't use a scratching post is beyond me ) only with his claws, this one reminds me a bit to much like a little kid begging to be held, its soo cute. And if I'm sitting, if I'm is reading he will sit on my book or in front of it, sometimes even biting it, if I'm writing he will try and grab the pen from me and drag it off....

Alot of this might be part of him still being a kitten, or it might just be his personality. Does anyone else have a cat with a funny way of asking for loves?
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All three of mine will stretch up my legs and dig their claws in if I am standing up, and if I am sitting they jump up on my lap and purr. They also look up at me with their huge eyes to say they want petting, it is so cute
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By walking up and giving a firm head-bonk of course!
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By following me around and bugging the crap out of me.
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ReeRee will actually yell at me. He comes up to me, sits down...I of course look in his direction to see what's up and he looks right into my eyes, opens his mouth wide and yells at me. A loud long stretched out meow. Its very cute.

Rocko will stare at me and if that doesn't work he then licks any body part thats exposed and if THAT doesn't work he puts his paw on me, gently at first but then he will start pulling like "Will you pay attention!"

Fiona, meows and purrs and is so darn cute you can't help but give her love! When she wants her bumm stratched she lifts it into your direction, usually your face if you are laying down!
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Sunny grabs my legs except he never uses his claws This makes it quite difficult to advance without picking him up and carrying him (which he loves). He's such a snuggly kitty
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Let's see....

Levi, either sits near me on the couch and gives me the sad, "no one loves me" eyes, or jumps from the couch to my shoulder as I'm walking in the door.

Jordan, Just comes to where ever I am and jumps on me. He's not about to ask for love he's going to demand it.

Isaac well he will find me and do his fake suckling think on my arm. If my arm is covered by a blanket he will just gently pull the blanket out of the way so he can knead and drool to his hearts content.

Maggie well that depends on the day. On her low key days she just flops down on the floor in front of me and gives a huge sigh. On her normal days she walks around meowing, and when she really wants my attention she brings out the "Mraa Ma" sounds like MaMa. Then on her super diva days she sits on the kitchen counter, waits for me to walk past, grabs my arm & nips.
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Sassy and Linus both like to head butt and that is their way of getting my attention..
Pixie simply flops down in front of me and refuses to move..
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Fifi becomes the love bug monster at night when I get on the computer. I can be on the computer and she'll jump up if front of me and head butt me and curl up in my arms as i'm typing. Toby usually just plops his butt on my lap or meows like crazy. Its like.....meow meoww meoowwww.....pick me up pick me up, pet me pet me pet
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Larry will lie on the floor and if I make eye contact with him, he just starts rolling over!!! It's so cute! He'll roll over once, then he'll roll over again, until I come over and rub him on his tummy and pet him.

In fact, if he's lying on the floor and he sees me coming towards him, he'll roll over! Just like a dog!
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Felix gets right to the point. When I'm at my computer he'll come up to me purring, and will nudge my hands while I'm typing or using the mouse. He continues to do so until I stop whatever it is I'm doing to pet him. Then he'll give me a nose kiss and make himself comfortable in my lap

If I'm standing up Loki will come over and rub against my legs, purr, and meow at me to pick him up. He loves to be held and carried around. If I'm sitting down anywhere he'll jump up on my lap and purr.

If Ko (formerly known as little cat, our baby stray) wants your attention, he will climb on you. When you're sitting down he'll walk up to you and get in your face, meow, and purr. If you ignore him he will gnaw on your fingers while you type... which he was doing to me just now lol
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Freya will slink up to me, sit up and reach for me with one big paw while giving the most pathetic little mew you've ever heard. She's quite the little actress. If that doesn't get the desired effect, she'll do it again and poke me with a single claw.

At night, she'll bring me a toy and give that odd "I brought you something" meow unitl I (half-asleep) thank her for whatever she brought, then she'll hop into bed and squish against my side purring until I fall back asleep.

Cotton is yappy. Meow loudly at you then he'll find the most obvious vantage point (on a chair, the midle of the cofee table, on top of your book...) and sit down, then puff up his chest and stare at you expectantly.

If you're laying down, he'll walk up to your head and pat your cheek with his paw until you pay attention to him.
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Twix walks up and stares and meows. It's really funny to see because she won't move until you get out of her sight, she'll only move her head and meow...meow...meow...until you go pet her and love her up.

Peep is my rubby boy. He'll rub on you and make these cute little mews until you pick him up. Sometimes he'll let you hold him for a while, but most of the time you get to hold him for about two seconds before he sees something more fun and demands to be put down to go chase after something more fun. I think he just likes to use us as a vantage point. :rolleyes.

Tucker rolls. It's really funny because he'll flop down in the middle of the path and rols around on his back. You have to go rub his sides (not his tummy because he'll grab your hand with his claws) until he's ready to be done, then you can walk for a few more steps until he does it again. I call them his 'needy days'.

Lady doesn't really like to be petted, but when she wants you to look at her she does her cute little cracked meows all stretched out one after another until you acknowledge her and watch her look cute. It's pretty funny since she doesn't want someone to love on her...after all, she is a lady and ladies have to at least pretend to be cold and alloof, right?

Clementine is in a tie with Peep as my most touchy cat. She'll headbutt whatever part of you she can find when she wants love. Once you start scratching she'll purr and purr and purr and purr. Sometimes if she's feeling sneaky she'll turn around mid-scratch so you end up scratching her bum, which she likes.
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Sits and looks at me and taps me on the leg with her paw. If I'm laying down she will come right up beside my head and lay down and give me nose kisses and curl her toes around my finger.


Lays next to me or partially on me and exposes her belly. If I don't touch her immediately, she taps me with her paw and will do that periodically until I look at her and rub her belly or head or neck.
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tabitha will meow loudly and start to knead whichever part of your body she can get to! lovely if you're protected by a thick duvet, painful if not!

milo will give a little mew and then walk towards me with his eyes half shut. he will then dribble profusely whilst pawing at my ponytail (please someone tell me why!) and then drape himself across my neck.

shinobi is only just discovering the pleasures of sitting on laps, but he will mew and chirrup when he wants a tickle.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
By following me around and bugging the crap out of me.

Try having TEN cats following you around and bugging the pooh out of you all at once!

Geronimo is definitely the worst when he wants his lovin'! He won't take no for an answer = especially when I'm on the computer, or on the toilet!
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Butzie will meow to me in that voice that says the she wants to be loved. Then she will lie down on the floor, roll on her side to expose her beautiful white tummy, put her paws up and purrs. I think I was trained after one of these sessions. That's what love will do to you.
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Originally Posted by tab View Post
milo will give a little mew and then walk towards me with his eyes half shut. he will then dribble profusely whilst pawing at my ponytail (please someone tell me why!) and then drape himself across my neck.

Felix will drool sometimes when I'm petting him and he's purring really loud... I don't know why though
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During the day Lani will jump in the tub and roll over, at night she just stands on me, she weighs 12 lbs. so it definitely gets my attention

Sparky will flop over and expose her belly during the day, at night she sits and pats me with her paw until I wake up.

Seems they want they want more love at night
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Mine jump up on to my lap where ever I happen to be sitting, and just make themselves a 'part of my lap'...One is nestled in under my arm right now, watching me type
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