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Growling at his food

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I experimentally gave Slasher and Ripper raw food for the first time last night, a chicken wing.

Ripper growled at his food, before and during eating it. It was a little scary, but someone told me that's a cat's way of saying "This is mine!".

It turned out to be rather messy. They dragged pieces out of the dish onto the floor, giving me a large area to wipe clean after they were finished.
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That is hilarious! My cats never, ever fight over food, strangely enough, but they do drag food out of their bowl all the time! They always want to bring it up on the couch! Yuck!
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Mine all growl over bones, their regular raw they share off one plate but for bones I have to feed them in different corners and they'll still growl at each other a bit
They've been raw fed their whole lives.
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With ground raw mine were fine. But when I started feeding whole necks and livers its now a growling contest
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Well with their names I'm not surprised Maybe you can confine them to a smaller area to eat the raw bones.
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I keep their food and water dishes, and their litter boxes, in the spare bathroom.

When Ripper tried to carry a piece of chicken out of the bathroom, I closed them in. But they still dragged pieces around on the bathroom floor, playing with them in between nibbling on them.

With canned and dry food, they'll sometimes drop small bits of food outside the dish, but they won't carry the pieces a few feet away as they did with the chicken.

I think I'll go back to my earlier plan of adding a few chunks of (boneless) meat to their canned food, and see how that goes.
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