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Help? :(

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Last Monday, my sister's cat got attacked by a dog, it resulted in one of his back legs being broken/ destroyed at the joint (which will later lead to arthritis) and his other back leg needing alot of stitching. Besides that, I think his pride is just a bit hurt with having to wear the cone thing on his head.

He was due to move to Germany with my parents, but due to the injury, he's had to stay in the country until all this heals and my sister has started university so it's down to me and my boyfriend to care for the cat. (Neither of us have been cat owners before, so this is all pretty unnerving.)

He seemed settled enough between coming home last Tuesday, and was eating and drinking a little and mostly sleeping in between and mewing a little, obviously just wanting a cuddle to comfort him.

However, on Thursday, he was taken to the vets for a redress and when he was home on Friday, he seemed to be in a fair bit more discomfort than usual when he was awake. (Although still eating and drinking a little.) Saturday night, something made him jump and his cast came off, so we had to make a 3am trip to the vets to redress it etc. We got him home Sunday, again, he slept through most of the day and had a little to eat and drink, and then in the evening, he started twitching, as if he was trying to get up, but this resulted in him flinging himself into furniture and the fireplace. My boyfriend managed to calm him a little, and then the twitching started again and he ended up behind the tv. I suggested maybe he needs the toilet, so we tried to help him over his litter tray, and the cat attempted to dig and this again made him twitch and distressed him. I managed to calm him a little and he ended up urinating onto the floor as I held him. (A bit stinky and unpleasant, but was just glad he'd managed to do something to be honest.)

Because he needs someone with him all the time at the minute, we brought him into our bedroom but in his travelling case. He seemed to have a pretty comfortable night, with no twitching, but then this morning, it happened again when we took him out to feed him. And his cast came off again.

At present, the cat is at the vets, and we've asked could he be kept in a few days, because we're scared our lack of knowledge in how to keep him comfortable, how to calm him etc. and just a lack of general cat knowledge could result in him being hurt more. The only place he seemed calm was in his travelling case, but to keep him in there the whole time would obviously be cruel, and we're worried it could cause more damage such as sores etc. if he's in the same place too long.

We're happy to look after him, and would prefer it that way, as he's at least a little familiar with us, so it may be a little more comforting until he can travel to Germany. But I wondered if there are any tips from people on how to care for him when he does come back to us, and how to help him go to the toilet? If he will be easier to look after in say, a week/ 2 weeks? Or if its kinder for the cat to be with the vets for the whole time his cast is on?

I's pretty scary for us, and we'd be ok if we knew we could keep him comfortable and help him back on the road to recovery.

Sorry for the essay, and thanks in advance.
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Welcome. know it seems cruel to keep him in a crate. But it is probably the best thing for him right now. Is there any way you could borrow a bigger crate from some one?
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We did have him in a big cardboard box with towels and blankets etc. to keep it padded, but he was flinging himself out of it when he'd get these twitches.

I guess we could try and just buy a bigger case? Just worried if there's too much room, the cast will come off again. We're kind of worried he'll get depressed just confined to a case too.
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How is the leg healing?

The "twitches" may be from him recovering from anesthesia, but without seeing it, it would be hard for us to tell. As someone else said, keeping him boarded at the vet's for a while might be the only way to get him on the way to healing.
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I am thankful that the poor guy is with you! It seems like you and your boyfriend are willing to do whatever it takes to make him comfortable and heal. Hopefully when he gets home from the vet, the worst will be over, but if not, I agree that a larger crate would be good, especially at night. I know you hate to do it... You are doing a great job! I know he appreciates it!
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What does the vet advise? The "twitches" could be a neurological problem. The vet could evaluate what is going on and take into consideration the amount of time needed for his care. He could tell you what might work best for him and for you. He is so lucky to have someone care for him. You are doing an awesome job. Hope he feels better soon.
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@ mrblanche: Apparently, the actual healing of the legs is fine at the minute.

And thanks Heather and Skimble. The twitches, to us, look as if he is trying to walk, then his legs say, 'Um... no', and it looks as if say, when a human gets a shooting pain. Except the cat doesn't seem to know to give up trying, and you can't explain it to him.
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I think it is prudent and wise to have the vet board and supervise his care for a week. This is tough I know. You are an animal angel.
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Thank you.

Hmm, the vets have left his cast off as his leg has swollen a little, and he kicked it off again. They say they've given him injections for the swelling and the leg is healing as it should even with the problems we've been having keeping the cast on.

Has anyone else ever had such trouble keeping a cast on a cat? Particularly if it's an injury to the back legs?
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I have read of the problems of keeping a cast on a cat here and elsewhere.
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Well, Loki comes home today, the vet's are lending us a bigger cage, and they're leaving the cast off. I'm pretty nervous...
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Have they given him anything for pain? I wonder if the twitching is because he's hurting.

It really is best to keep him in a crate until he heals more. They make them big enough to put a small litter pan in, as well as bed, food, etc.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Have they given him anything for pain? I wonder if the twitching is because he's hurting.

It really is best to keep him in a crate until he heals more. They make them big enough to put a small litter pan in, as well as bed, food, etc.
I know it's hard to keep him in a crate, but I agree that if you have one big enough for a small box that is the way to go at this point. Sending lots of vibes for a quick healing. I truly admire your strength & willingness to take care of this sweet boy.
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@ Alley: I know that they sedated him a fair bit at the vets, and we have antibiotics here to give him. I wondered if the twitching may be caused by sudden pains he's getting, it wasn't so much the twitching that bothered me, more the force of them, as they would literally fling him out of a box! But yeah, I hope this larger cage will be a big help and help him get back to normal soon.

And thank you Rang.
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Oh well, thank you to every one for their kind words. Loki seems alot happier with his cast off, I'm not sure how much good it's doing the leg... :s But hes walking around, seems more himself, is eating plenty, drinking plenty, using his litter tray by himself again and being a little more playful.

It's really good to see, and a huge relief with that cage thing now.
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