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Daily Question.................09/22/08

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Good morning my dear friends…
Today I have the privilege to post here your daily question for the Lounge… I want to mention that all questions here are just for the unique porpoise of fun and of course, to stay in touch with all members, and to know what do you think about it… of course sometimes some questions are a kind of silly but funniest in the bottom!..… so lets begin…

Do you like the Parades? Wich one is your favourite? I mean in your country or your state maybe would are one specifically parade, for the Marmot, for the Pumpkin etc....would share wich one is you like the most to you?..

...So start to post here!...
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Oh, I do like parades!

In my little town, we only have one. Perhaps because it is my hometown parade, perhaps because I (and my dog!) have been in it many times, or perhaps just because it's a great parade, that one is my favorite!

It's called the Rowell Ranch Rodeo parade. Really, it's not "for" much of anything! It marks the begining of the Rodeo, but it's certainly not rodeo oriented... It's really just to celebrate our little town!

Though... Japan has a festival that is similar to a parade, in that a bunch of groups march down the center of the street. They all do various dances, and I got to be in that one, too! And it's tons of fun dancing down the middle of city streets, so that's a close second.
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I'm not really a fan of parades, I went to the AZALEA FESTIVAL parade here in Wilmington once and that was enough for me! For one thing, I despise clowns!
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We have Fourth of July parades, home comming parades, and Christmas parades. I really like the Christmas parade! All but the cold!
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Not really much of a fan
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I love parades. The only one we have is the festival of lights parade, which is a Christmas parade. It is always so cold We put on our hats and mittens, drink hot chocolate snuggle close.
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I love parades! I got to be in our town's Christmas parade last year. (We live in Bartlett, TN..literlly just up the road from Memphis) When I worked for Animal Control, we had our own float and everything (we won the mayor's 1st place prize). We walked a bunch of dogs in the parade too. I walked my favorite one, Pepper.

As far as big parades go, I love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade....I always watch that one on tv every year.
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Parades are great, I especially love Christmas parades and have attended the one they have in Toronto a couple of times..
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Great answers!...

Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Not really much of a fan
The honesty is great!.....

For me, the Militar Parade on September 16 is the most popular here in my country...
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I like parades ok...I can watch a few minutes of them, but I get bored very fast-it must be my ADD.
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I`ve never been to one but the only ones near me are the Bonfire ones around 5th November and there is one in our town called Jack in the green in spring. I don`t really like crowds though
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I do NOT like parades. I am dreading the day that my little boy wants to go to one. They are to crowded its usually hot and you have to sit on the ground. I liked them when i was a kid for some reason but now I just get bored.
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We have a Mummers Day Parade for Halloween and I always loved going to it! All different organizations have floats but everyone is in costume for halloween, then the highlight is the kids costume parade. Any child can enter and either walk (or be carried by an adult) and everyone Ooohs and Aaaahs over the cuties! It's a short parade, only about 1/2 mile so it's not too long for the kids. I haven't been to the parade in years though because I'm usually working when it's being held.

When out town celebrated its 200th birthday, city council sponsered a bicentenial parade and it was AWESOME! Somehow, they got marching bands from all over the east coast (one even came up from Florida!), there was a dancing troop from Brazil, and even some hollywood celebreties (one actually graduated from a local high school and I think she recruited her friends!). Keep in mind this is a small town of 25,000 in the middle of no where so it really was amazing they could get this together.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Not really much of a fan
Same here. I get how they might be fun for kids though..
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