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Daily thread Monday Sept 22nd!

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Welp, its the first day of Fall... It'll be -40 here in no time At least I have underground parking.

Not much going on today, heading to work...going to be getting my first claim today to handle by myself...can't wait!

I have found a gym finally...its the gym at Carleton University where Josh goes to school. Its actually cheaper than any other gym around, and its huge and close and its alot like my old I am pretty happy about it. Not to mention, I can work out with my man!

16 and sunny today...brrrrrr

Have a great day folks!
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Morning All!!!

Rainy and cool here today.

Heading off to work in a bit, have tons of paperwork to catch up on since I was slacking off over the weekend. Oh well means I can hide out in my office and not have to deal with people.

Nothing special planned for after work, my shoulders are still bothering me a bit so most likely just make it an early night. Maybe grab a movie and some take out and be totally lazy.

The kitties are good this morning, watching a black squirrel and a blue jay bickering with each other out in the black cherry tree..Most of the cherries have either been eaten or fallen on the ground but there are still enough left for the critters to fight over..

Everyone have a great day
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The kitties are good this morning, watching a black squirrel
I've never seen a black squirrel! The squirrels around here are red/brown; I'd never even seen a grey squirrel until I went to Chicago.

Happy Fall! Now I can start getting the Halloween items out and not feel as if I'm rushing things. The temp is supposed to be near 80 today, and sunny. Wish it was cool and rainy instead.

I have a lunch date today with my best friend; we met as high school freshman in 1970 and we've been buds ever since. We usually get together once a month for Pizza Hut's buffet, and spend 4 hours talking!
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Well as most know the Packers lost last night, bummer.......

Though off sleeping schedule so I slept poorly last nght (not due to game loss though)

So I got up latter, canned my pizza sauce. Neil took day off hopefully working in family room.

Off to work in about an hour so I go to go and try to help him a bit before then.

Have a good one!!
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I'm not at college today bcuz I feel ill So I've been at home alllll day with the little furry one

So that's all I've been doing today

Oh and Mom bought me McFly's new album too!

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Good morning all!

Cold and yucky here too. But isn't it always? I know techinically it's the frist day of fall, but it feels like about the 400th! It was 46 when I left this morning. Not sure what it is now, but it won't get very warm. Ah well, as long as the sun comes out , I'll be ok!

We had a good weekend! Had our play, finished puppy sitting (so got to see them, which is fun, and got to go home, which is always good!), and had a game day yesterday with a bunch of friends, which was a very good day!

So today, I am good, but not happy the weekend is over! As long as this week is better than last, I'm ok! Very busy at work as always, but tonight all I have to do is ship out some gifts to Japan, so should have a pretty good evening. We got all our cleaning done yesterday!

Kitties were good this morning. Got lots of cuddles from Evie! I thought she missed me while I was gone. But no, she just wanted food! Also got lots of cuddles from Cronos, who has people interested in adopting him!!

Everyone have a good day!
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We're moving to our house this Friday and temps are going to be in the 80s!!!! (F)

I have school today and I'm just waiting for friday!
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Just another dull Monday here...
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