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Litter Training

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How do you litter train a 4ish week (I say this because of other pictures I see of 4 weeks olds are MASSIVE compared to my kitten but the vet says about 4 weeks old) old kitten without a mother or cat to learn off of? I have put him in the litter box and made scratching motions with his feet in the litter and he hasn't learned. He pee's all over the place (namely my comforter) and poo's all over the place too. Really want him to be litter trained so any help is appreciated!!
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my Firefox was adopted at about 4-5 weeks [former feral, found in the backyard]. she adapted to pooing in the box quite readily, but would pee everywhere [she was confined to the bathroom]. i got the KittenAttract litter, & she peed & pooed in the box from then on. i highly recommend it! my local Petsmart carries it, but if you can't find it locally, you can order it online.
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You need to confine the kitten to a large crate or the bathroom where everything is within a few feet (litter pan, food, water). Its like taking a year old child and putting them in a place with 50 rooms and expecting them to know where the bathroom is every time they need to go.

It can take several weeks till the kittens will use a pan consistently. And if you don't clean up the spots it has used very well, the kitten will return there.

Try confining the kitten when you cannot watch her. Even if she goes in another spot on the floor, pick up the poop or wipe up the pee and put it in the litter pan. You can also get the Cat Attract litter that should help.

And with a 4 week old kitten you need a cake pan that is no more then about an inch high. As they get older, you can change the pan to a normal size. Maybe the pan you have is too big/deep/tall for a 4 week old kitten.
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Thanks for the help, both of y'all! I have a very small room (not a bathroom) that I can put him in to train him. The room is maybe 8 feet by 5 feet (it's a study room) and I'll probably put him there and see how it works. If that doesn't work, Ill try the kitten attract litter.

On the bright side, he learned all by himself how to drink water/formula from a bowl
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Originally Posted by LSUguscat View Post
On the bright side, he learned all by himself how to drink water/formula from a bowl
And how many times did he dip and sneeze?????
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
And how many times did he dip and sneeze?????
He still is dipping and sneezing hahah

And an update: He has been peeing in his litter box for about 2 days now! And tonight I just went in there and saw that he had two little turds in there all buried and hidden away, too!!! You have no idea how excited I am about that
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Puppy pads were my best friend at that stage, had mama and babes confined to an area where they could run around and mom could leave to do her thing.
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try these steps
step 1- when you see your cat/kitten about to poop pick it up gently and carry to the litter box

step 2- give lots of attention once done the toilet and a treat

step 3-repeat very time until it learns doing the toilet in the box is a good thing

if it dose it anyway ells lightly tap the cat/kitten on the nose and say no
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My 11 week old kitty, Trixie, automatically knew how to use her litterbox. She was a stray so I guess it was either instinct or something she'd learned from her previous owner (if she even had one). I'm hoping to breed Trixie in a few years though so I'll remember this advice!
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why breed? is it a purebred cat?

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